This puzzle can be quite complicated if you do not know what you are doing. However, we will guide you through a step by step process to unlock the secret of 4-5.

DR 4-5 Room

First of all, pick up everything that you see in the room:

1. Pick up the match on the table.
2. Pick up the wrench near the table.
3. Pick up a bottle of water.
4. Pick up the teddy bear.

Dismantel the teddy bear completely following the steps. You will obtain a cotton ball, and a diamond that will be useful.
DR 4-5 Teddy Bear DismantleDR 4-5 Teddy Arm DismantleDR 4-5 Teddy Body Dismantle

Combine the cotton ball with water to obtain damped cotton.
DR 4-5 Water and Cotton Combine

5. Use the wrench to take off the pipe. Note that the poison is now leaking. Place the damped cotton ball at the pipe, if you do not, you will lose the stage within about 30 seconds or so.
DR 4-5 Open GasDR 4-5 Gas Pipe Block

6. Light the candle up with the match. Place the tube over it, and then place the diamond on the tube to reveal the solution to the puzzle.
DR 4-5 Pipe PlacementDR 4-5 Diamond PlacementDR 4-5 Final Clue

7. Your last step is to “type” out the code using the abacus. The code is 389645. For those of who that do not know how an abacus works. Use the following graphic to help you solve the puzzle.
DR 4-5 Abacus Solution

Speed pass note
To instantly pass the stage, simply type in the code using the abacus and unlock the door.


Chapter 4-5 | Doors & Rooms — 7 Comments

    • I’ve never used an abbacus but from the solution it appears that the top row counts as “5” when its moved down. The bottom pieces each count for “1”. So the “8′ in column two is the top 5 + bottom 3. Note that there’s a typo in the code in the solution above… should be 389465 (as someone already pointed out)

  1. Yes correct numeric solution is “389465”, tho abacus solution shown IS correct.Many thnx for this awesome walkthru – woulda never made it w/out it!!! ????????????

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