In Chapter 4-6, your goal is to solve the puzzle without waking up the dead. In this complete and detailed walkthrough, we will guide you with the way to beat the room.

1. When you first enter the room, the room is pitch black. Pick up the shining dot near the right side of the room. You will find that its a lighter.

DR 4-6 Room

2. Use the lighter near the left side of the room to light up the candle and the light.

DR 4-6 Room Light

3. Pick up the clipper near the table.
4. Pick up the piece of wooden board and observe it. The “SOS” is a common term of “Help”.

DR 4-6 Wooden Board

5. Obtain all of the bottles on the shelf.

6. Observe the weird star symbol on the wall. You will find that your bottles correspond to the writings on the wall. The order is determined by the way the “arrow” is drawn.

DR 4-6 ClueDR 4-6 Order

7. Now place all of the bottles onto the symbol accordingly. Please note that you must do in this order. If not the mummy will wake up and kill you while you finish cutting the wires.

8. Use the wire clipper to cut all of the wires on mummy’s mouth. Obtain a few keyboards keys. Observe them and you will find “E” and “L” have blood on them.

DR 4-6 MummyDR 4-6 Final Keys Clue

9. Observe the type writer and you will find that “H” and “P” have blood on them.
DR 4-6 Typewriter

10. By putting together the letters, you will have “HELP”.
Now H is the 8th letter in the alphabet
E is the 5th letter in the alphabet
L is the 12th letter in the alphabet
P is the 16th letter in the alphabet.

Put everything together you obtain the code to break the lock: 851216

DR 4-6 Solution

Speed Pass Note
Simply type in the code 851216 to unlock the room and escape from this stage instantly.


Chapter 4-6 | Doors & Rooms — 35 Comments

  1. How do I cut the wires on the mummy’s mouth without dieting ITS SCARY and he keeps killing me and I threw the iPad accross the room HELP PLEASE

  2. There is no white dot, and I’ve trapped the whole screen. All I’ve done is tap away since last night, and nothing. I may as well delete the game if I can’t play it.

    • On the bottom right of your screen, slide your finger up and down. The white dot should appear and slide with your finger. Then tap it to pick up the lighter.

  3. the typewriter paper also has the attempts to type HELP but since the E and L keys were ripped off all you see is H PH PH P…
    several times. Also it is interesting that the 6 missing letters from the typewriter S E T I L N can be rearranged to form: SILENT. The mummy did not have the letter T in his mouth. the SOS board if turned upside down looks more like: 505 so there were a lot of false clues on this level for me. And the order of entering the letters on the diagram was not intuitive by the so called “arrow” on the wall. did not enjoy this level.

  4. There’s something wrong with my game, I can’t put the bottles on the star. I tried putting them I clicked use and then I put the red bottle on the first end (like in the instructions) and it just wont do it. It wont even move.

  5. I am having difficulty with this level even with the walk through. It says put the bottled on the star shape but I can’t seem to do that. Why not?

  6. Don’t use the bottles on the star on the wall; you have to use them on the circle in front of the mummy; after you get them all on there, the star will appear.

    • You don’t need to put the keys back on the typewriter. All you need to figure out is that HELP is the code to the lock but it needs to be translated into numeric form according to their placement in the alphabet.

  7. 1. Even though you can’t see much at first drag the screen upward. On my phone it was right at the bottom right edge of the screen so it’s possible that it’s below some peoples screens. 2. The bottles themselves won’t transfer to the circle on the floor. Each bottle will only add a dot of colored light at one of the star points. The order is described in the walk through. You can tap anywhere on the circle – the dot will place itself. If your star glows red you chose the colors in the wrong order and you will die during the next step. If you do it right the star will glow green.

    I thought the direction ‘arrow’ of the star was pretty weak. Would never have figured that out without the wLktheough to assist. Also the whole ‘help’ clue was a bit lake, especially having to count where each letter is in the alphabet.

  8. The star won’t glow green for me it keeps glowing RED I put them in the right spot. I don’t get it. I won’t work for me. Plzplzplzplz help

  9. Did not like this level, first thing I did was to figure out the note said HELPHELPHELP, no need for the extra keys from the mouth of the mummy.

    And finding out a letters numeric place in the alphabet is just confusing to me. It’s even worse then a CSI movie show.

  10. There is no actual arrow. The order goes with the line that traces the star. The start of the line is indicated by the blotch and the end of the line is indicated by the fading part of the line near the start. So when you are tracing the line you will get the order for the placement of the colors.

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