You will be a grave digger in the stage 4-7 of Doors and Rooms. Below is everything that you need to know to pass the stage easily.

DR 4-7  Room

1. Pick up the shovel in the corner of the room.
2-5. Dig up all the grave sites. Pick up all of the puzzle pieces inside the room.
DR 4-7 Grave Dig

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6. Place the puzzles according to this picture.
DR 4-7 Place Puzzle Pieces

7. Observe the wall with the clue to pass the stage.
DR 4-7 Puzzle

8. The position of the hand and feet points to the different time frame. The answer to this puzzle is:
DR 4-7 Solution


Chapter 4-7 | Doors & Rooms — 20 Comments

    • The numbers on the tombstones represent the time that each skeleton is making in its grave. Becaise the ones on the door show you what time you have to subtract from what time to get the answer.

  1. This level is stupid.I assumed the skeletons on the wall mean 11:45 and 12:15 . Check out the second grave and look at his leg position,since it’s 03:45,skeletons on the wall must say 11:45 and 12:15 as I said above.

  2. U should not look at the clock we use for the time.. The placement of the numbers on the skeleton clock is different and so it matches the time on the grave stone

  3. Guys, notice that on each grave’s cross you can see written a number – 1140, 0345, 1235, 0230. the body position in each grave points exactly that time only if you use that clock with the roman numbers – notice the clock numbers position is slightly rotated so the hours and minutes don’t appear where they are on a regular clock. then the big bodies position on the wall makes perfect sense.

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