In this room, your goal is to fix the electrical outage while finding the correct combo to escape from the room.

DR 4-8 Room

1. Pick up the pen on the desk.
2. Pick up the screw driver tip in the desk drawer.

Dismantle the pen and combine the cap with the screwdriver tip.
DR 4-8 Pen DismantleDR 4-8 Screwdriver Combine

3. Open up the electrical panel using the screw driver.
DR 4-8 Open Electrical PanelDR 4-8 Turn Off Electricity

4. Obtain the key from the pool of water, now the water will not kill you.
DR 4-8 Obtain the Key

5. Use the key to open the safe. Obtain the electrical tape and a sheet of note.
DR 4-8 Open the SafeDR 4-8 Obtain Tape and Note

6. With the electrical tape, tape back the broken wire.
DR 4-8 Wire Patch

After you have taped the wire up, you will have to turn the electrical power on to power up the final door lock

7. Observe the sheet of clue that you have on your hand. The symbols mean that you move from the red circle as the picture. Combine all three numbers together and you will have the final code to unlock the room. The code is 9273.
DR 4-8 Clue NoteDR 4-8 Calendar Clue

8. Use the code 9273 to escape from the room!
DR 4-8 Final Solution
DR 4-8 Pen Dismantle


Chapter 4-8 | Doors & Rooms — 8 Comments

  1. Each letter stands for a direction from the circle.
    First clue is RRUL – Right, Right, Up, Left. If you follow these directions from the circle, you get the number 9.
    Second clue is DLLD – Down, Left, Left, Down. you get 27
    third clue is UURR – Up, Up, Right, Right. You get 3
    Altogether, they come up to 9273

  2. The on off lever will not move. I exit the close view and it disappeared and the door opens. Can’t finish the instructions.

  3. I can’t inter number 9.???????????? numbers that show in password keyboard are uncurrect for me. 1 is 0, 2 is 1,…,9 is 8. So I don’t have 9????. What I should to do?

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