This room can be awfully confusing if you are not looking in the right place.

DR 4-9 Room

1. First grab the note from the skeleton. Observe the note and you will see the clue: A New Sense of Lady.
DR 4-9 Clue

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NEW SENSE is the key to solve this puzzle. You will note that there are four drawings on the walls in this room. Pointing north, east, west, and south.



North = 7
DR 4-9 West

South = 4
DR 4-9 East

West = 9
DR 4-9 South

East = 5
DR 4-9 North

Put all the directions together and their respective code number, you will obtain 75945745 as the code to break from the room!
DR 4-9 Final Solution

Speed pass note
Simply punch in the code 75945745 to escape from the room instantly.


Chapter 4-9 | Doors & Rooms — 13 Comments

    • Agreed, we’re suppose to ignore the markings on the ground AND read a sentence and some how come to the conclusion that 2 of the words are compass directions. Maybe if she was wearing a compass around her neck in the photo. Very poorly thought out puzzles in this game. You shouldn’t need to make absurd leaps in logic to finish puzzles like this.

      • You ARE a douche… The marks on the ground mean exactly the same thing, you dummy. It’s a “4”, indicating 4 cardinal directions… The “N” on the wall indicates NORTH… It’s not that hard to figure out.

      • I agree. These puzzles are very bad made. Nothing to do with difficulty level. There are just too many things you have to guess which means Logic have been put aside. There are way better ones around.

  1. the number 4 on the floor is really misleading… had actually multiplied the number of beads with 4 and try to figure out the sequence of compass direction.

  2. This was actually pretty easy, especially with the fact that that it involves minimal interaction and just a passcode.
    Puzzles involving the NSEW directions/letters are not uncommon, and the fact that a painting was labelled ‘N’ made it even more obvious. 8-number passcode, and just a quick glance at the note from the skeleton, and snap. Code in seconds.

  3. Tá certo fácil d entender ..porq da a direção d cara , mas só não entendi qual a lógica desse sentido d direção …da ond tirou esse sentido???

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