This room can be quite complicated with all the items that you can obtain in the game. We have provided this thorough walkthrough to help you beat the game easily!

DR 5-1 Room

1. Pick up the mace.
2. Pick up the sword.
3. Pick up the faucet handle from the drawer.
4. Pick up the jewelry box lock on the box.
5. Use the faucet handle on the barrel to obtain a doll.

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DR 5-1 Combine Axe

6. Use the music box key to open it. Place the doll on their to obtain the piano key.
DR 5-1 Music Box

7. Use the sword to cut open the carpet to obtain a musical note.DR 5-1 Musical Note

8. Use the sword to open up the wooden board. Obtain a piece of wood.
9. Use the mace to break the wooden box. Obtain a piece of axe blade.

10. Use the piano key to unlock the piano. Now if you know some music simply play out the song on the piano. But if you have no clue, simply use the following keys and orders: 1-6-4-2-4-1. Obtain an emblem after ward.
DR 5-1 Piano

11. Combine the piece of wood with the blade to get an axe. Use the axe to cut open the door blocker. Your goal with the final puzzle is to switch the two sides. If you are having trouble with this puzzle, use the following sequence to break out of the room!
DR 5-1 Final Lock

W3, B1, B2, W3, W2, W1, B1, B2, B3, W3, W2, W1, B2, B3, W1


Chapter 5-1 | Doors & Rooms — 46 Comments

  1. The last step that is shown here is completely USELESS. I hit the white in the order you show and then the black in the order shown and the only thing that happens is the tiles are stuck. you need to do a better job of explaining this final step.

  2. You get the wood by taking the sword. The wood is underneath the tiles of the wooden board. Look carefully you will find it.

  3. I don’t know if it’s you guys don’t speak English or what, the wooden STICK is beneath the FLOOR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM. NOTHING TO DO WITH TILE ( in the wall ).

  4. Hated this one simply for the fact that not knowing how to read sheet music forced me to look up the answer. First puzzle of the game I couldn’t figure out by myself because it requires specialized, specific knowledge to solve.

  5. Thanks for the help, I found everything except the piece of wood. It should have been obvious as a slightly different colour.

  6. Where did the final sequence of letters and numbers come from???? Get the ring put in door lock and transfer the two colors using way of the arrows. Got me out.

  7. I cannot get the piano key. I open the music box and cannot place anything in there. Can you put a picture of these steps? I assume it’s a bug

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