The room 5-2 in this game features a dining room.

DR 5-2 Room

1. Pick up the mace from the set of armors.
2. Obtain the helmet.
3. Grab the knife on the table.
4. Get the bottle on the table.
5. Obtain the plate from the shelf.
6. Get the glass from the shelf.
7. Get the bottle opener.
8. Use the mace to break the vase and the helmet to pick up the dirt.

DR 5-2 Bottle Opener CombineDR 5-2 Bottle Dismantle

9. Place the helmet full of dirt into the fireplace.
DR 5-2 FireplaceDR 5-2 Fireplace Clue

Use the knife the cut open the turkey in the center to pick up a note.

10. Check the painting for clues. Combine the painting together with the fire place clue, you will obtain what those pictures relate to each of the symbols.
DR 5-2 Painting

Observe each of the pieces that you have in your possession.
DR 5-2 Observe BottleDR 5-2 Observe GlassDR 5-2 Observe PlateDR 5-2 Observe Turkey

You will obtain the following information:
I = Turkey = 3113
II = Plate = 1327
III = Glass = 9958
IV = Champagne = 6354

11. Now place that into the box, you obtain the answer: 3795 accordingly shown in the following picture. Obtain a ring that can be used to unlock the final puzzle.
DR 5-2 Box Answer

12. Place the ring inside the door to activate the puzzle. Try to see if you can solve it. However, if you are having trouble, below is a quick sequence to help you out. C-B-A-A-B-C-D(5)-C(4)-A(4)-D(6)-A(5)
DR 5-2 Final Puzzle

DR 5-2 Final Puzzle TipsDR 5-2 Final Puzzle Complete

Speed Pass Note
Type in 3795 to unlock the jewel box in step 11. Obtain the ring and unlock the final puzzle. Use the sequence to quickly escape from the room.


Chapter 5-2 | Doors & Rooms — 17 Comments

  1. You have to be kidding. I would never have solved that last puzzle without the answer. (But I could not solve a Rubics Cube either.)

  2. It goes from fun to ridiculously impossible. I really enjoyed the early stages but now I just put the answers from this page in. Less brain work more read and input 🙁

    • Compare them Roman numeral positions to their picture and you see how each number is an object. Turkey above plate and I is above II. Then use them number associated with three Roman numeral. Find the number place. Ex. Turkey is I which is 3113. They box wants the first number which is 3 and do they same for the others.

  3. These get easier for me as we move ahead. they all wind up having something we’ve seen before. Kel. The fireplace tells u that 1 is above 2. 3 is left and 4 is right. The note in the turkey is 3113. The picture tells us that the plate is under the turkey thus that’s #2. plate is 1327. The glass in the picture is on the left. #3. Glass is 9958. The champagne cork is #4. 6354. Now place the corresponding numbers in the box. 1 is the turkey and the space is the first digit thus 3. 2 is the plate and it’s 4th digit is 7. 3 is the glass and it’s 2nd digit is 9. 4 is the champagne cork with the 3rd digit being 5. Honestly I spent more time trying to type this on my phone than I did solving the pretty simple puzzle.

  4. The code for the box still doesn’t make sense. I 100% understood the placement of the items corresponding to the numbers in the fireplace, I figured that out before I came here. And after getting the code I easily solved the last puzzle on my own as well. However, how do you know which number in each set of numbers to use?

    3 is the first number in the first set of numbers.
    7 is the last number in the second set of numbers.
    9 is the first number in the third set of numbers.
    5 is the third number in the fourth set of numbers…

    There is no pattern there. Unless I’m missing some significant detail, as you didn’t explain very well anyway.

    • You have to break the vase first with the mallet and then pick up the dirt with the helmet. You get the mallet from the same knight you got the helmet from.

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