Escaping Doors and Rooms Chapter 5-3 will require gathering clues in different part of the room. Our guide will show step-by-step logic behind the puzzles.

DR 5-3 Room

1. Observe the eagle to obtain half of a scissor.
DR 5-3 Eagle

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2. Observe the pillar of the bed. Tap it a couple of times to obtain a key.
DR 5-3 Pillar Key

3. Move the bedsheet to obtain a pig statue. Dismantle it to obtain half of scissor.
DR 5-3 Pig Statue

4. Grab the poison danger bottle from the little shelf next to the bed.
5. Use the danger bottle on the lamp chain to break it.
DR 5-3 Lamp Break

6. Pick up the horse statue on the floor after the lamp has dropped onto the floor.
DR 5-3 Broken Lamp

7. Combine both of the scissors parts and cut open the mannequin.
DR 5-3 Scissors CombineDR 5-3 Cut Heart

Dismantle the horse statue earlier to obtain a key. Combine the heart box with the key to get a red jewel.
DR 5-3 Horse Statue DismantleDR 5-3 Heart Box Open

8. Use the key obtained from the pillar on the front door. You will be able to obtain a mask.
DR 5-3 Open for MaskDR 5-3 Obtain Mask

9. Combine the red jewel and the mask. Put the combined mask onto the person by the window.
DR 5-3 Combine JewelDR 5-3 Put on Mask

10. Check the clue on the floor.
DR 5-3 Clue Floor

11. With the clue, you can unlock the locked box in front of the bed. Dismantle the wand that you obtain.
DR 5-3 Open BoxDR 5-3 Dismantle Wand

12. Insert the wand into the door to activate the puzzle.
DR 5-3 PuzzleDR 5-3 Start Puzzle

If you are having solving for the puzzle. Use the following sequence to beat it.
B-3, C-2, A-4, B-3, C-2,
D-1, A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1,
D-3, D-1, A-2, C-3, C-2,
D-3, A-2, B-1, D-1, A-4,
C-2, B-3, C-1, B-4, D-2, A-3, C-2

D&R 5-3 Last Step
This is a screenshot of the last step. After pressing C2 as the last step, you will turn all the tiles into red and unlock the door!

Speed pass note
Use the code to open the locked box before the bed. Obtain and dismantle the wand. Grab the key from the pillar. Open the door and start solving the puzzle.


Chapter 5-3 | Doors & Rooms — 38 Comments

  1. Is there a way to do a screen shot of what it should finally look like? I did the sequence exactly as described and it isn’t working

  2. Wow. I still don’t understand how that last step is figured out in Chapter 5-3.
    I used your info of course, and thankfully, I didn’t spend too much time on it…I would have been pulling my hair out trying to get this last step. I never would have.
    I’d appreciate a detailed explanation, if there is one!

  3. There are only two important things to know for the step-12 cheat. 1. A CD represent the columns and 1234 represent the rows. 2. Be really sure you do them in the right order.

    I suspect a solution with fewer steps exists but that the people designing this cheat didn’t find it. Still, I am very grateful for their having documented any correct sequence for us to use so we don’t have to go through what would probably have been an extremely long trial and error process. Thanks!

  4. The code simplifies down by taking out the duplictates to:


    (This is based on the code in the main text and Gena’s comment. Order shouldn’t matter.)

  5. In the puzzle solution stated above, any button that is pressed an even number of times might as well not be pressed at all. Sifting through the directions, I came up with the following: A3, A4, B1, B2, C1, C3, D2.

  6. I still cannot open the door with the sequence that is given. I tried 2 different ways with the clue and still not luck. I press the letter first then the number and no go. The other way is I pressed the letter and then I go over 1 or 4 blocks and press that and still no go . HELP

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