In this alchemy room, you will have to collect many different items around the room and combine them to escape. We have prepared a detailed walkthrough to guide you every step of the way.

DR 5-6 Room

1. Pick up the rock on the floor.
2. Pick up a another rock inside the drawer.
3. Pick up the stack of hay.
4-6. Obtain 3 glasses on the shelf.
7. Obtain a glass container.
8. Pick up Mushrhoom.
9. Pick up rock.
10. Grab the cherries hanging by the ceiling.
11. Pick up the note on the wall.
12. Solve for the puzzle on the box, your goal is to figure out how many triangles and quadrilaterals are there on the floor.
DR 5-6 Count

13. Observe the note on the wall.
DR 5-6 Formula

14. Now start setup the stove to start your alchemy process. First combine the lighting rocks together.
DR 5-6 Combine Rock

15. Combine the various items with their respective bottles:
DR 5-6 Combine MoonDR 5-6 Combine PlantDR 5-6 Combine Sun

Place these complete product into the stove portion. Remember to close the door to start the process.

DR 5-6 Setup Burn

After you finish burning all of the three liquids, you should have the following items in your inventory.
DR 5-6 Finish Burn

16. Observe the note that you have obtained back in 11. You will use it to obtain a rock from the skull. The color is red on the left and blue on the right.
DR 5-6 CombinationDR 5-6 Obtain Rock

17. Pour in the different liquid according to this order: Blue, Red, Green. Then use the container to pick up the liquid. Combine the liquid with the rock in step 16. Place it into the burner to obtain the gold liquid.
DR 5-6 Pour in Liquid

DR 5-6 Combine Liquid and RockDR 5-6 Burn Rock

18. Take your gold liquid and pour into the metal holder. Put the metal plate over the imprint the gold. Dismantle the product to obtain the gold coin.
DR 5-6 Pour in Gold LiquidDR 5-6 Obtain Coin

19. Place the coin into the door to activate the final puzzle.
DR 5-6 Activate PuzzleDR 5-6 Final Puzzle

There is not much solution or quick through for this puzzle. Our only advice is to start from the left corner and work your way through the puzzle.


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  1. Could you guys put the final outcome of the rotating pieces puzzle? It seems straightforward and I’ve lined up my pieces as best I can but maybe there’s some piece I didn’t place correctly.

    It’s a tedious and stupid puzzle.

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