This complete walkthrough for D&R Chapter 6 will walk you through the world of Weird Story Chapter 6-1 in Doors and Rooms. Use these pointers to guide and walk you through these levels easily and fast. Please bookmark this website for any future D&R guide updates!

We have the best and detailed walkthrough that explains the logic and reasoning behind all of the puzzles in the game.

The Living Room
Below is the list of items that you can obtain or act upon in this room.
DR Room 6-1

Do the following and pick up everything inside the living room of d&r 6-1:

1. Open the blinds and pick up a mini shovel.
2. Use the shovel inside the plant and pick up a lever.
DR 6-1 Plant
3. Apply the lever inside the slots within the table, pull the lever to open the table. You will then see a coded lock with a hidden message.
DR 6-1 Lock
4. Check the dart board and note the different darts on the board.
DR 6-1 Dart Board
5. Pick up the note under the carpet and observe.
DR 6-1 Clue Sheet
6. Armed with all of the clues, now you can come up with the number code to unlock the table. First calculate the numbers based upon the different darts that you have. Use the point multiplier on the note plus the numbers of darts on the board.

Green = 5*1 + 15*3 = 50
Red = 1*2 + 6*3 + 7*1 = 27
Yellow = 4*2 + 8*1 = 16

Now add it up based on the numbered lock:

+ 270
+  16

7. Obtain the key from the safe and open the door.

Shortcut to pass d&r 6-1
Simply do step 1~3 and type in the following code: 5286


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  1. Thank You, this is “the best” of ALL the guides,walk-thru, and cheats that I’ve seen…so far? Easy to understand and well organized.

  2. I don’t understand the chart and how you figured out the code. Thanx for the cheats but please help to explain. Thanx so much.

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