Continuing your adventure in Chapter 6-2, you have entered the kitchen. Use all the resources in the room to uncover the secret hidden spot.

The Kitchen
After entering this room, pick up everything that you can from 1 through 4.
DR 6-2

1. Pick up the tube on the shelf.
2. Open the fridge and grab the frozen fish
3. Pick up the knife from the shelf.
4. Obtain the pot under the sink.

Now combine the fish and the pot together.
DR 6-2 Fish and Pot
5. Place the tube that you got on the shelf into number 5.
6. Check the stove, place the pot with fish onto the stove. Light the fire to break down the ice. Obtain the fish use the knife to gut the fish and get the key.
DR 6-2 Cook Fish
DR 6-2 Cut Fish
7. Use the key on #7 to obtain a plunder.
8. Note the 1.17 on the mirror and check the calendar. You can see that 1.17 is located on the number 9 in the room.
DR 6-2 Calendar
9. Use the plunger on number 9 tile to remove the tile. You will be able to see the key hidden underneath the tile. Grab the key and escape from the room!
DR 6-2 Key Location

Shortcut to pass d&r 6-2
There is no short cut for this stage. You have to play everything through except for checking the calendar.


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  1. The key is hidden under the floor. That means that you must move our screen up, and finally you, ll find your key under the ground

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