In order to escape D&R Chapter 6-3, you need to find three pieces of cheese and cook them in a pot. Use our guide to help you complete the level fast and easy.
Crafting Room
Pick up everything around the room.
1. Pick up the cheese up on the shelf.
2. Pick up the cheese on the table.
3. Pick up a metal clip on the right bucket.
4. Pick up the threads inside the shelf.
DR 6-3 Complete Room

5. Look and observe the broken bunny. Grab the needle and combine it with the thread. Fix the bunny with the combined needle and thread. The fixed bunny will throw a final piece of cheese onto the floor.
DR 6-3 Room Broken Bunny
DR 6-3 Room Combine Needle
6. Now you should have 3 pieces of cheese. Toss them into the cooking pot at number 6. A key will show after tossing the cheeses into the pot. Use the metal clip to take the key.
DR 6-3 Cheese
DR 6-3 Room Cooking Pot
DR 6-3 Room Key
7. Open the water at number 7 on the left side of the room. Soak the metal clip with the key into the water. Dismantle the key to obtain the key to escape from the room!

Shortcut to pass d&r 6-3
There is no short cut for this stage. You have to play everything through.

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  1. There is no needle in my bunnies arm….there’s a pinch site as I’d that’s where the needle is supposed to be but there is defo no needle in his arm :/

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