In this stage, you will have to put together a robot to escape from the room.

DR 6-4 Room

1. Pick up the robot part on the floor.
2. Pick up the robot part from the toy car.
3. Observe the toy on the floor.
4. Pick up the piece of paper in the shelf. Observe it to solve the puzzle in number 3.
5. Pick up the robot manual in the shelf.

Go back to number three and obtain the robot head.
DR 6-4 Robot PositionsDR 6-4 Robot Clue

6. Observe the robot together with the manual in number 5. You will be able to come up with a solution code to unlock the robot for the key.

7. Place all of the robot parts into the robot. Punch in the numbers in the order of the red numbers.
DR 6-4 Robot PartsDR 6-4 Complete Robot

DR 6-4 Number FormatDR 6-4 Robot Manual

8. After obtaining the key, use it to unlock the door and escape from the room.
DR 6-4 Unlock Door


Chapter 6-4 | Doors & Rooms — 31 Comments

  1. There’s no numbers showing when I click on the body of the robot which I need to do to finish. Tried tapping them in, but nothing! Help!

  2. I have done this room 3 times and have followed all the steps in order once I put the robot together no red numbers appear. I can’t punch in any numbers, nothing happens but I can touch the buttons still nothing happens. Please help

  3. I cant figure out how to get the red numbers… I have added, subtracted, inverted…I keep punching numbers into the robot, but nothing happens?????!!

  4. you don’t get the red numbers…. the red numbers are added by the person who made this page to show which buttons to tap, tap them in number order and you will get it ><

  5. To get the ordered number right is to use the code from the poster “213597468” and type them in according to the number order from the original robot. The original robot’s order on his stomach was “123-894-765”. Therefore you have to type the code according to that order direction!

  6. I’ve entered the numbers in the correct order 5 times and it doesn’t work. Yes I know the red number don’t show up, yes I understand the order and it’s still not working.

  7. How do I change the head position for the first robot to make it corresponding to the paper and press the colored buttons

  8. Guys I’m so stuck on this help I am doing the coloured button puzzle and the head doesn’t come off! I’ve tried it five times now with no success HEEEEELLPPP

  9. apparently some people think that the red will come up after get something done , answer is no. the numbers in red were added by a person to explain the order you have to press the grey/unnumbered keys, what I don’t really understand is how he/she figured out this patern

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