The Chapter 6-5 features purchasing items from the TV commercial to help you escape. If you are stuck with any part of the puzzle in this room, you have come to the right place for answers.

DR 6-5 Room

1. Pick up the paper note on the table.
2. Pick up the saw next to the shelf.

Observe the note and you will see that the paper has information about the different TV and their time.
DR 6-5 TV Notes

3 and 4. Your job is to change the angle of the antenna so that the TV channels can display. Below is the list of the TV channels and their perspective “codes”.

Wood TV
DR 6-5 Wood TV CodeDR 6-5 Wood TV

Bug TV
DR 6-5 Bug TV CodeDR 6-5 Bug TV

Key TV
DR 6-5 Key TV CodeDR 6-5 Key TV

5. With the information obtained via the TV Channels for Wood and Bug, you can now call for the products.
Wood: 430696
Bug: 570990

DR 6-5 Bug PhoneDR 6-5 Wood Phone

6. After calling for the items, pick up them up from the chimney.

7. Apply wood to the wood stumps to the right side of the room. After which you will use the saw to cut down 3 of the branches.
DR 6-5 Wood GrowthDR 6-5 Wood Cut

8. Use the bug spray on the bugs to kill them. Then apply the wood branches to the missing ladder.
DR 6-5 Kill Bugs

9. The final code is hinted based on Key TV. The four persons are wearing different colored shirts. The order of Key TV is Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue.

Combine the order of the color based on the number pad on the phone. Which correspond to 2864.

Red = 2.
Green = 8.
Yellow = 6.
Blue = 4.

DR 6-5 Final Key Code


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  1. I unlocked the hatch but ow I’m outside and there is a bench with a bird mailman sleeping a big tree and a mailbox, I don’t know what to do?

  2. Anyone else having a bug where you cannot close the phone dial pad pop-up screen? I know the numbers, they dialed and all correctly but the screen won’t close. I’ve closed the app and tried multiple times without success. As soon as I open the phone dial pad, it will not close. I cannot pass this level or finish the other levels in the weird story ????

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