Unscramble the codes to escape this tomb and see what is behind the close door in Chapter 6-6.DR 6-6 Room Picture

1. Pick up the book on the floor.
2. Pick up the ink.
3. Obtain the wooden fork off the statue.
4. Use the fork to obtain the pen from the hole to the left side of the room.

DR 6-6 Obtain PenDR 6-6 Pen

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5. In this step, dismantle the book first to obtain a piece of paper. You can then place the paper on the tab to the right side of the room. Combine the ink and the pen. Use it to sketch and obtain the numbers on the paper. Remember to pick up the paper with numbers on them.
DR 6-6 DismantleDR 6-6 Use Pen

DR 6-6 Pen and Ink CombineDR 6-6 Clue

6. Head back to the center table. Place the written note and move the plate. You will be able to see numbers along with different codes. You can use these information to obtain the code to unlock the door to the back.
DR 6-6 Clue Code

DR 6-6 CodeDR 6-6 Final Code

7. Insert the code into the center room to obtain the jewel.
DR 6-6 Obtain Jewel

8. Use the green jewel on the door to open and escape from the room!
DR 6-6 Open Door


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