In this locked room, you are in a clock tower trying to figure out the correct time via different watches. If you are stuck with any part of the game, you have come to the right place to help you solve the puzzle easily.

DR 6-7 Room

1. Open the drawer and obtain a bottle of medicine.
2. Grab the meat on the table.

3. Combine the food and feed it to the doggie. Pick up the blue clock on his neck after drugging him. After the dog has fallen asleep. Pick up the blue clock and observe the time to be 8:00.
DR 6-7 Drugged Food CombineDR 6-7 Feed Dog
DR 6-7 Drugged DogDR 6-7 Blue Clock

4. Pick up the mantle on the left side of the room. Dismantle it to obtain a red wristwatch. Observe it to be 10:30.
DR 6-7 Dismantle JacketDR 6-7 Red Clock

5. Observe the Green clock to be 1:30.
DR 6-7 Green Clock

6. Observe the yellow striking clock to be 5:00.
DR 6-7 Yellow Clock

7. After observing all the pieces of the puzzle, head to the final lock.

With all the clocks of different colors that you have observed, you will need to convert them into minutes. You will have the following:

Red: 630
Blue: 480
Yellow: 300
Green 90

DR 6-7 Final SolutionDR 6-7 Final Puzzle

Speed pass note
Simply input the code and unlock the final puzzle instantly without going through all the clocks.


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  1. You don’t have to convert to minutes although you can. I just saw that each tick mark on the clock was 30 minutes so you can also just position the hour hand where it would be for the time.

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