This room features some magic playing. If you are stuck and cannot pass the room, you have come to the right place. We will walk you through this entire stage step by step.

DR 6-8 Room

1. Pick up the broken knife on the floor.
2. Pick up a piece of paper inside the bird cage.
3. Observe the color pattern from the jack in the box.

DR 6-8 Puzzle

4. With the clue in step 3, you can solve the puzzle and open up the box.
DR 6-8 Solved PuzzleDR 6-8 Puzzle Clue

5.After obtaining the wand, you can change the broken knife into a complete knife.
DR 6-8 Dagger Magic

6. Use the knife to cut the rope on the left side of the room, you will then be able to drop the bag to the right side. Pick up another wand that can turn paper into real items.
DR 6-8 Knife Cut RopeDR 6-8 Take Bag

Go back to the center magic box again. Place the dove paper inside and use the green wand. Obtain the dove. Dismantle the dove to obtain the key paper.
DR 6-8 Dove PaperDR 6-8 Dove Magic 2DR 6-8 Dove MagicDR 6-8 Dove Dismantle

With the key paper, do the same magic again and turn it into a real key.
DR 6-8 Key PaperDR 6-8 Key Magic

7. Use the key to open up the final door and escape from the room!
DR 6-8 Open Door


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  1. Glitch in my app… jack in the box would not appear… just had an open hole so I could not figure out the color sequence.. thanks for the tip!

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