Chapter 7-1 | Doors & Rooms

Chapter 7 features a control room where all the different rooms in Doors and Rooms are made. If you are stuck figuring out how to pass the room, you have come to the right place. We have written how exactly how you can pass the stage as well as the logic behind the puzzles.

DR 7-1 Room

First of all, pick up everything lying around in the room.

1~4. Pick up the 4 different cubes.
5. Pick up the screw driver.
6. Pick up the user ID card

Combine the id card with the screw driver to break it open.
DR 7-1 Break User Card

Observe the broken card and you will see the code: 121013
DR 7-1 User Code
DR 7-1 User Card

7. Go to the center room and use the code 121013

8. After punching the code, check the screen for some shapes.
DR 7-1 Shape ClueDR 7-1 Shapes

Your goal is to count how many “faces”, or “planes” there are in each of the shape. You will find it to be 48612.

Triangle has 4 points. and so on.

Type the code into (7) again.
DR 7-1 Passcode

9. Place the card under the light to see some hidden lights. Now match up with the code numbers on the screen back at (8). You can match the numbers to come up with the final code 59837

DR 7-1 LightDR 7-1 Pass code card

Place the card under the light to see the clue, remember to remove the card as you will need it later.
DR 7-1 Clue CardDR 7-1 Profile

10. Slide the card into the slot to enable the final pass code.
DR 7-1 User Card SlideDR 7-1 Final Code

Exit the room and beat the stage!
DR 7-1 Exit

Speed Pass Note
Ignore everything and simply punch in the different codes:
48612. Grab the ID card.
Use the id card and type in the code 59837.


Chapter 7-1 | Doors & Rooms — 13 Comments

  1. Tom on said:

    It’s not the number of “pointers” (vertices). That would yield the solution 4,6,8,20 (46820). It’s the number of faces (48612), but I’m not sure how that’s supposed to be intuited….

    • Admin on said:

      Thank you for pointing out the error. We have fixed the wording for the guide.

  2. Sandra on said:

    I can’t place the card under the light! I’ve dismantled it, seen the code numbers, looked at the computer screen for the list of numbers but when I try to put the card under the desk light it just won’t go.

    • Bonbon on said:

      It is not that card! It is another one you get when you correctly insert the first code. Check the bottom of the keyboard

  3. Naomi Stothard on said:

    Now what do you mean when you say, “match up with the code numbers on the screen back at 8″ ? How do I get the code 59837?

  4. Steph on said:

    After seeing the graph looking card under the light, go back to the big screen where the profile is. You will notice the same graph type appearance under the info there. Use the highlighted boxes from the card under the light to determine the pass ode on the door – 59837.

  5. Lynn on said:

    I observed the broken card in any possible way but I did not see a code. Is that just me?

    • Alicia on said:

      No it was the same with me

      • Idna on said:

        You have to dismantle the card after you combined it with the screw driver.

      • Idna on said:

        Don’t forget to dismantle the card after you combined the card and the screw driver.

  6. Alicia on said:

    I didn’t see a number on the broken card I observed. Sort of confused

  7. ryan on said:

    Where do you put in 59837

  8. Arm on said:

    59837 read the number down not left to right

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