Chapter 7-3 can be one of the hardest chapter if you don’t know what you are looking for. It could also be by far one of the easiest. This guide will help you to beat this room quickly. DR 7-3 Room

1. Enter the room and you will note that the screen has credits showing for the production team. Big applause to them for bringing us this wonderful game. DR 7-3 Credit 2. Now tap and you will bring out a password screen. Simply input “Thank you for playing”! IMG_3244 3. Escape from the room and congratulations for passing season 1!


Chapter 7-3 | Doors & Rooms — 8 Comments

      • Scroll down and you will see more names of the team apearing on the credits. You will be able to gather all the letters you need.

        • It’s very interesting. I didn’t know it, but I could solve it simply intuitively, just thinking “ok, they’ve shown me the credits… now it’s time for they to thank me for playing” haha 🙂

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