In this stage, you first enter a dark room. Your initial step is to find a way to light up the chandelier. After which you will have to solve the secret behind the jewels to obtain the keys. The keys lead to the secret door way is behind the painting. If you are stuck with this stage, you have come to the right walkthrough that will guide you through the entire adventure. Please leave any comments if you still have trouble beating the stage.

We have divided the walkthrough guide into 3 sections to help you backtrack if you have already passed the stage. If you are aiming for 100% three star completion the first time around, simply follow the steps in order.
Main Escape | Bonus Star | Quiz Solution



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Main Escape

1. Stick: Pick up a stick from the floor.
2. Rag: Take a rag on the back of the chair.
3. Fireplace: Check out inventory. Combine the stick and rag into a torch. Then light up the torch with fireplace.
DoorsandRooms2_ch1_stage11_torch DoorsandRooms2_ch1_stage11_fireplace
4. Chandelier: Use the torch to ignite the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The whole room will light up.
5. Cameo: On the center of the desk, zoom into the display of a collection of cameo. Notice the figure heads are either facing left or right. Also, each cameo is decorated with different number of color gems. Count the number of gems for the ladies that facing left and right by each of the directions. They can be categorized as shown in the image below.
6. Heart Chest: Look at chest to the left of the cameo collection. From the previous step, you have counted the gems to be the following:
Red x 3
Green x 2
Purple x 8
White x 5

Enter the password: 3285. Get a heart shaped key.
DoorsandRooms2_ch1_stage11_heart_chest DoorsandRooms2_ch1_stage11_heart_key

7. Spade Chest: Look at chest to the right of the cameo collection. Same thing with the previous step, you have counted the gems to be the following:
Red x 1
Green x 7
Purple x 4
White x 6

Enter password: 1746. Get a spade shaped key.
DoorsandRooms2_ch1_stage11_spade_chest DoorsandRooms2_ch1_stage11_spade_key
8. Heart keyhole: Locate the heart-shaped keyhole on the left-center of the painting frame. Insert the heart-shaped key.
9. Spade keyhole: Locate the spade-shaped keyhole on the right-center of the painting frame. Insert the spade-shaped key.
10. Painting: Push the painting and open the secret door passage. You have now escaped!

Bonus Star

B1. Pick up half of a necklace on the desk.
B2. Pick up the other half of necklace on top of the sculpture. Combine the two necklace pieces to put together the bonus star.

Quiz Password

Q1. Revisit the cameo collection at the center of the desktop. Add up the number of each color gems: Red (4), White (11), Purple (12), Green (9).
Q2. Locate the quiz on the wall to the top of the fireplace. Now, you will have to count and add up all the gems on the cameo collection. You have 4 red gems, 11 white gems, 12 purple gems, and 9 green gens. Multiply all the number of gems together. You will then have 11 x 12 x 4 x 9 with the answer of 4752. Enter password: 4752 to solve this math quiz!


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