The third stage of Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 1 features the living room. Your goal is to collect the batteries from different places from the room to escape. This guide will help you locate all the items if you are having trouble finding them.

We have divided the walkthrough guide into 3 sections to help you backtrack if you have already passed the stage. If you are aiming for 100% three star completion the first time around, simply follow the steps in order.
Main Escape | Bonus Star | Quiz Solution


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Main Escape

1. Screwdriver: Grab the screwdriver on top of the video player.
2. Flashlight: Get the flashlight on the floor.
3. Cabinet: Open the cabinet door and find a pack of battery inside.
4. Door: Open inventory and get some loose batteries from battery pack. Dismantle the flash light for an additional battery.
DoorsandRooms2_ch1_stage3_battery_pack DoorsandRooms2_ch1_stage3_flashlight

Locate the door switch. Use the screwdriver to open the switch cover. Insert the batteries and turn the switch. The door is now unlocked for you to open and escape!

Bonus Star

B1. Locate a flower vase on top of the shelve. Get the silver star hidden among the flowers.

Quiz Password

Q1. Look at the clock on the wall to find the time at 12:35. Head over to the TV screen and enter the password: 1235.


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