In Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 2-11, you are trapped inside a radio station recording room. Follow our step-by-step walkthrough to achieve a 3-star passing. Please feel free to leave comments if you are still stuck after applying our guide.

We have divided the walkthrough guide into 3 sections to help you backtrack if you have already passed the stage. If you are aiming for 100% three star completion the first time around, simply follow the steps in order.
Main Escape | Bonus Star | Quiz Solution

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 walkthrough

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Main Escape

1. Coin: Pick up a coin on the floor.
2. Cabinet: Open the cabinet drawer and get a circuit board.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 drawer
3. Timer: Check out the timer display on top of the floor. Use the coin to loosen the screws at all four corners. Remove the cover. Insert circuit board into the slots on the right to turn the power on. Get the password from the red letters: ESCAPE.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 display DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 open cover

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 insert circuit board DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 password
4. Disc: Go over to the desk and take the CD next to the phone. Notice the tracklist listed on the CD cover.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 soundtracks
5. Player: Open the CD player. Insert the CD disc and close the player. You are able to change the track with the arrows. Note the different tracks and the numbers.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 eject DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 insert cd

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 close
Armed with the track names and the numbers, compare the numbers and the song titles from the CD tracklist side by side. Observe that the telephone keypad is really a cipher key. Each of the letter range corresponds to a given number. Below is the alphabet comparison and the end result of the cipher solution.

Track 1 – 568347 – LOVE IS
Track 2 – 374329 – FRIDAY
Track 3 – 636679 – MEMORY
Track 4 – 367968 – FOR YOU
Track 5 – 843626 – THE MAN
Track 6 – 467228 – IMPACT

ABC – 2
DEF – 3
GHI – 4
JKL – 5
MNO – 6
PQRS – 7
TUV – 8
WXYZ – 9

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 tracks DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 telephone
Use the cipher key to translate ESCAPE. Get the password: 372273.
6. Door: Locate the keypad on the door. Enter password: 372273. Open the door and escape to your freedom.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 keypad

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 open door DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 escaped


B1. Use the coin to loosen the screws on the “Star Audio” plaque. Grab the plaque. The bonus star is printed on the back of the plaque.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 star audio DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 star plaques


Q1. Locate quiz question on one of the computer screen. The quiz clue consists of a string of grey lines. Notice the clue resembles the timer display. Superimpose the quiz clue on top of the timer display. Ignore the red part, the password will emerge: 129587. Enter the password. You have pass the quiz!

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 quiz solution DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 quiz


Chapter 2 Stage 11 | Doors & Rooms 2 — 11 Comments

  1. The ans of quiz is 12:95:87
    What you hv to do is to combine the unlighted section of the timer and the question of the quiz 🙂

  2. Quiz answer from YouTube: Just put the gray parts of LED above the door and ones of quiz together, then you get 12:95:87.

  3. Quiz solution:
    Add the grey area’s on ESCAPE with the grey area’s in the quiz. Will get you the answer 129587

  4. I have the quiz answer. The gray letters refer to the unlighted part from the “escape”. Just apply the gray area to the word escape and ignore the light up part. The answer comes out to be 129587

  5. The quiz answer is 129587.
    I will try to explain as well as I can. On the sign ESCAPE some areas are light in red and some are left in grey. If you add the hint that you have on the computer to the grey areas you will get the password.
    E becomes 1, S-2.. I could explain with a drawing. But hey at least you have the answer now.

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  7. We all understood well that quiz answer.calm down idiotas,i know you all have the answer but please SHUT THE FUCK UP!

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