The locked door is the only way out of Chapter 2 Stage 12 in Doors and Rooms Two. The door key is locked inside a box. Find the hidden key inside a locked box by playing doctor and solve the mystery of the vision chart on this film set. Follow our step-by-step walkthrough to claim a 3-star passing. Please feel free to leave comments if you are still stuck after following our guide.

We have divided the walkthrough guide into 3 sections to help you backtrack if you have already passed the stage. If you are aiming for 100% three star completion the first time around, simply follow the steps in order.
Main Escape | Bonus Star | Quiz Solution

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 walkthrough

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Main Escape

1. Drawers: Open the cabinet door and obtain a hammer.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 drawer
2. Wooden Box: Use the hammer to smash the box. Get a key from the broken box.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 hammer DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 get key
3. Cabinet: Use the key to open the cabinet. Check out the sound system with many dials. Notice each dial has its own number markings. The sample shows that the number 20 at the bottom is the summation of dials above. Ex: +10+6+8+0-4=20.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 cabinet door DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 open door
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 sound system DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 dials
4. Vision Chart: Locate the vision chart on the wall. Use the dials from the sound system as your cipher to solve the puzzle. Get the password: 8342. Below are the exact numbers that you use to derive the answer.

First column: +4 +8 -8 +4 +0 = 8
Second column: +6 +12 -4 +8 +12 = 34
Third column: +8 +2 +4 -4 -8 = 2

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 vision chart
5. Locked Box: Unlock the box with password from the previous setp: 8342. Get the final door key.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 locked box DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 get door key
6. Door: Unlock the door with door key. Escape D&R2 2-12 by exiting the unlocked door!
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 door key DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 exit


B1. Open the medicine cabinet and grab the pill pack. Check the pill pack inside your inventory to dismantle it. You have found the bonus star.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 pill pack DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 dismantle pill pack

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 bonus star


Q1. Examine the pill pack. Notice a few pills are missing.
Q2. Compare the missing slots of the pill pack to the calender on the nightstand. Get the password 3122125.
Q3. Locate the camera screen near the bottom of the stage. Solve the quiz by entering the password: 3122125.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 calender DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 quiz


Chapter 2 Stage 12 | Doors & Rooms 2 — 3 Comments

  1. Pill 28 is missing too. 5 missing pills not 4. This shit is impossible. every level has some idiotic error which fucks the game up for everybody!

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