This is a walkthrough guide for Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 2 Stage 18. We will show you how to solve the poker card puzzle and reveal the secret in the cigarette box. Please leave comments if you are still stuck or confused after reading our guide. Thank you!

We have divided the walkthrough guide into 3 sections to help you backtrack if you have already passed the stage. If you are aiming for 100% three star completion the first time around, simply follow the steps in order.
Main Escape | Bonus Star | Quiz Solution

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 walkthrough

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Main Escape

1-6. Move around the room to collect all the scattered poker cards.
7. Cigarette Box: Get a cigarette box from the trash can.
8. Grid Puzzle: Locate a card game on the table. Some cards have already been displayed on a grid. Note the 15 written next to the grid.

Your goal is to complete the grid in the way that each row, column and diagonal add up to 15 using the cards you have collected. If you are stuck, the solution is shown below.


DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 cards
9. Keypad: Observe the keypad next to the door. Observe that all the colors appear to be green. Your goal is to figure out both the correct color sequence and number sequence.

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 color code green

The clues lie in the cigarette box. Dismantle the cigarette box to pull out a single cigarette. The cigarette has number written on top: 73946.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 cigarette box DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 cigarette

Solving the Color Sequence
The colors and suits on the cigarette box offer you subtle clue to match the two together. Observe the logo on the cigarette box to find that each suit is corresponding to a color.
Spade = Red
Diamond = Blue
Heart = Green
Club = Yellow

Therefore, the color code is as followed which matches the color sequence on the keypad:
7 Heart => Green
3 Diamond => Blue
9 Club => Yellow
4 Spade => Red
6 Diamond => Blue
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 suit colorDoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 cards

Change the colors that appear on the keypad to get Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue.

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 color code

Solving the key pad sequence
The number on the cigarette is the keypad sequence. Simply match the sequence of numbers to the poker cards in the grid puzzle. You will then obtain the following solution.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 grid puzzle

Enter the sequence code on the keypad. You have unlocked the door for your escape!
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 keypad DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 escape


B1. Continue tapping on the loose chair until the seat top falls out. Retrieve the bonus star inside the seat metal leg.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 bonus star


Q1. Check out the notebook on the table. The hint shows a stack of paper (cards) with a question mark on top.
Q2. Observe the pile of poker cards scattered on the table. Make educated observations to find out the number on each card from top to down. You will get: 89375. Enter the number in the quiz to solve the puzzle.
DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 card stack DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 quiz


Chapter 2 Stage 18 | Doors & Rooms 2 — 11 Comments

  1. In the version I have the colors on the keypad must be selected, they all start out green and must be matched to the cards/colors on the cigarette pack. Not sure if it is different per device or different version.

  2. Boooooo! I figured out the puzzle to unlock the door using the cards with the number pattern and color/suit. I tried it on the keypad and it didn’t work. After continuing to check to see if I was mistaken, I finally came here to see what I was doing wrong. Guess what, I was doing nothing wrong. I input everything in correctly into the keypad , and it still says FAIL. I’m disgusted.

  3. OMG, thought I would never figure this out! I am new to Doors and Rooms, but love it! The sequence for the blank keypad is correct. You have to touch the pad the way the cards are laid out on the table. Forget the reasoning of any keypad you always see or use!

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