DR3 2-1 Map kitchen

DR3 2-1 Dining Area

Walkthrough Item Index

1. Instruction
2. Fish
3. Whisk
4. Eggs
5. Strainer
6. Fork
7. Boiling
8. Beaten Egg
9. Breadcrumb
10. Frying
11. Cabinet
12. Cat
13. Cash register
14. Door

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Secret Item

1. Instruction: Check out the cooking instruction on the wall. You will use it as a reference to collect ingredients and various tools.
DR3 2-1 instruction
2. Fish: Open refrigerator and grab a frozen fish.
DR3 2-1 fish
3. Whisk: Open dishwasher and get a whisk.
DR3 2-1 whisk
4. Eggs: Go over to the chicken coop. Remove straws until you see the eggs. Grab the eggs.
DR3 2-1 strawsDR3 2-1 eggs
5. Strainer: Go to the dining area. Look in the cabinet. Retrieve a strainer.
DR3 2-1 strainer
6. Fork: Pick up a fork on one of the dining table.
DR3 2-1 fork
7. Boiling: Place the fish on the pot with boiling water. Pick up the fish with strainer.
DR3 2-1 boiling waterDR3 2-1 frozen fish

DR3 2-1 boilingDR3 2-1 use strainer
8. Beaten Egg: Crack eggs into a bowl. Then beat the eggs with whisk. Place the fish in the beaten egg.
DR3 2-1 use eggDR3 2-1 bowl

DR3 2-1 egg in bowlDR3 2-1 use whisk

DR3 2-1 egg bathDR3 2-1 cooked fish

DR3 2-1 fish in egg
9. Breadcrumb: Place the fish in the bowl with breadcrumbs.
DR3 2-1 egg fishDR3 2-1 breadcrumb

DR3 2-1 breaded
10. Frying: Put the breaded fish in the pot with hot oil. Pick up the fried fish with strainer.
DR3 2-1 breaded fishDR3 2-1 hot oil

DR3 2-1 fish in oilDR3 2-1 use strainer oil
11. Cabinet: Insert fork into the three holes. Grab a bottle of creamy fish sauce.
DR3 2-1 use forkDR3 2-1 holes

DR3 2-1 sauce
12. Cat: Combine sauce and fish. Place the fish in the cat’s bowl. The cat will come into the restaurant. Retrieve the cash register key.
DR3 2-1 combine sauceDR3 2-1 finished fish

DR3 2-1 place fishDR3 2-1 cat
13. Cash register: Open cash register with key. Get a coin. Notice the coin is engraved: 1983.
DR3 2-1 keyDR3 2-1 cash register

DR3 2-1 coin
14. Door: Use the coin to remove screws on the front door keypad cover. Notice the number on the coin: 1983. Remove keypad cover. Enter password: 1983. The door is unlocked. You have escaped!
DR3 2-1 use coinDR3 2-1 screws

DR3 2-1 open coverDR3 2-1 password

DR3 2-1 enterDR3 2-1 open door

DR3 2-1 escaped
Secret Item:
S1. Before leaving the stage. Go back to the chicken coop. Look through the straws furthermore. Locate a metal plate. Use the coin to remove the screws. Open cover. Grab the blue secret key.
DR3 2-1 secret strawDR3 2-1 use coin secret

DR3 2-1 secret screwsDR3 2-1 open secret cover

DR3 2-1 find keyDR3 2-1 secret key
1. Don’t pick up the fish from boiling water pot and hot oil pot without the strainer.
2. The fish needs to be breaded before place in hot oil.


Chapter 2 Stage 1 | Doors and Rooms 3 — 1 Comment

  1. Hello. Every time I obtain the secret item in chapter 2 level 1 the game closes. It used to happen in level 1-1, but appears to be fixed now. I love all the d and r’s. I feel lost if I don’t complete every level……

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