Stuck in Chapter 2 Stage 2 of Doors and Rooms 3? Use the best walkthrough to help you beat the stage.

DR3 2-2 Map

DR3 2-2 basement

Walkthrough Item Index
1. Scissors:
2. Vine:
3. Hammer:
4. Vase:
5. Nails:
6. Box:
7. Glass:
8. Candle:
9. Rack:
10. Feather:
11. Drawing:
12. Odd Mackerel:
13. Bucket:
14. Trap:
15. Yellow Ball:
16. Door:
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Secret Item:

1. Scissors: Open drawer. Grab a pair of scissors.
2. Vine: Use the scissors to remove vines. Get a square with snake image.
DR3 2-2 scissorsDR3 2-2 vine

DR3 2-2 square snake
3. Hammer: Open chest box. Grab a hammer.
4. Vase: Use the hammer to break the flower vase. Get a square with eagle image.
DR3 2-2 use hammer on vaseDR3 2-2 broken vase
5. Nails: Use hammer to remove nails on a locked cabinet. Open cabinet door and get a hat and a square with frog image.
DR3 2-2 use hammer on cabinetDR3 2-2 get nails

DR3 2-2 hat and square
6. Box: Open box next to the door. Get a square with worm symbol.

7. Glass: Locate a glass hanging on the wall. Open the cover. Insert four squares. From left to right, the order is Eagle → Snake → Frog → Worm. Slide the switch at the top. A basement entrance is revealed.
DR3 2-2 glassDR3 2-2 square puzzle

DR3 2-2 basement entrance
8. Candle: Grab candle on top of the wooden crate.
9. Rack: Get the rack next to the stair.
10. Feather: Dismantle the hat. Get a feather. Dip the feather with ink on the table.
DR3 2-2 hatDR3 2-2 feather pen
11. Drawing: Use the inked feather on the “Odd Mackerel” drawing. The missing piece is filled in. This is the password clue to the Odd Mackerel wall mount.
DR3 2-2 use feather penDR3 2-2 drawing

DR3 2-2 puzzle clue
12. Odd Mackerel: Solve the puzzle. Adjust the location of each bone to match the clue. See image solution below. Pull the tail. Mackerel’s mouth will open. Retrieve a blue ball.
DR3 2-2 old mackeral
13. Bucket: The bucket is broken. Insert two nails on the broken wood. Use the hammer on the nails. Fill the bucket with water.
DR3 2-2 use nailsDR3 2-2 bucket

DR3 2-2 use hammer on bucketDR3 2-2 fill water
14. Trap: Use the rack to remove the hay pile on the floor. Open the trapdoor. Fill the trap with water. Retrieve a red ball.
DR3 2-2 rackDR3 2-2 trapdoor

DR3 2-2 trapDR3 2-2 bucket water

DR3 2-2 red ball
15. Yellow Ball: Go back upstairs. Place the candle in the candle holder. Get a yellow ball.
DR3 2-2 use candleDR3 2-2 get yellow ball
16. Door: Use Blue, Red and Yellow Balls to unlock the door. You have escaped!
DR3 2-2 ballsDR3 2-2 door

DR3 2-2 escape
Secret Item:
You will be able to unlock stage 7 in this stage. See stage 7 walkthrough guide for steps.

1. Do not grab the red ball before filling the trap in the basement with water.


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