Stage Map
DR3 2-3 map

DR3 2-3 map courtyard

DR3 2-3 map haunted house

Stage 3 Index
1. Dart
2. Grass
3. Letter K
4. Sign
5. Control Box
6. Gate
7. Racing
8. Hammer
9. Balloon
10. Whac-A-Mole
11. Skeleton Key
12. Cotton candy
13. Haunted House
14. Chain
15. Mask
16. Monster
17. Ball
18. Vampire
19. Error
20. Sword
21. Exit
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Secret Item

Stage 3 Walkthrough
1. Dart: Grab the dart on the dart board in the office.
2. Grass: Use the dart on the balloon. Pick up Letter R from the floor.

DR3 2-3 dartDR3 2-3 Letter R
3. Letter K: Locate and get Letter A on the grass next to the fence.
4. Sign: Get letter K from the vending machine dispenser.
DR3 2-3 Letter K
5. Control Box: Notice the amusement park sign is blinking. The pattern is: S-A-K-I-R-A.
DR3 2-3 park sign
6. Gate: Go to the gate control box in the office. Insert missing letters. Press the buttons in the order of S-A-K-I-R-A. Retrieve the gate key.
DR3 2-3 lettersDR3 2-3 gate control puzzle

DR3 2-3 gate key
7. Racing: Use the key to unlock the gate. Enter theme park.
DR3 2-3 use gate keyDR3 2-3 enter park
8. Hammer: Locate the racing game machine. Play the game to win a Red ticket.
DR3 2-3 racing game
9. Balloon: Go to the vending machine. Insert Red ticket. Get a hammer.
DR3 2-3 red ticketDR3 2-3 get hammer
10. Whac-A-Mole: Locate the Whac-A-Mole machine. Use the hammer to play the game and win a blue ticket. Tap on the green mole to earn points. Avoid purple mole.
DR3 2-3 use hammerDR3 2-3 whac a mole
11. Skeleton Key: Go to the vending machine. Insert Blue ticket. Get a Skeleton Key.
DR3 2-3 blue ticketDR3 2-3 skeleton key
12. Cotton Candy: Grab cotton candy from the cart. Dismantle the cotton candy. Get a metal bar.
DR3 2-3 cotton candyDR3 2-3 metal bar
13. Haunted House: Use the skeleton key to unlock and enter the haunted house.
DR3 2-3 use skeleton keyDR3 2-3 enter haunted house
14. Chain: Get the chain from the skeleton next to the ship wreck.
DR3 2-3 chain
15. Mask: Open cabinet at the bottom level. Get a surgical mask.
DR3 2-3 cabinet
16. Monster: Use the surgical mask on the monster. Grab the Yellow ticket from its forehead.
DR3 2-3 maskDR3 2-3 monster
17. Ball: Go to the vending machine. Insert Yellow ticket. Retrieve a ball.
DR3 2-3 yellow ticketDR3 2-3 ball
18. Vampire: Combine ball and chain. Attach ball and chain to the chain above the coffin. Tap on the coffin. The vampire will be knocked out. Get the valve handle on the vampire.
DR3 2-3 combineDR3 2-3 ball and chain

DR3 2-3 place chainDR3 2-3 vampire
19. Error: Combine metal bar and valve handle. Insert handle into the control box on the top level. Turn the handle until an ERROR display.
DR3 2-3 handleDR3 2-3 assembled

DR3 2-3 controlDR3 2-3 insert handle

DR3 2-3 error
20. Sword: Exit the haunted house and grab the sword on the floor.
DR3 2-3 sword
21. Exit: Tap on the exit door at the bottom level of the haunted house. The hangman will descended. Use the sword to cut the rope. Open the door and escape.
DR3 2-3 exit doorDR3 2-3 hangman

DR3 2-3 fallenDR3 2-3 exit

Secret Item:
S1. Before leaving the stage, retrieve the ball and chain above the vampire coffin.
DR3 2-3 get ball and chain
S2. Locate clown in the courtyard. Place the ball and chain on its left hand. Retrieve a secret coin.
DR3 2-3 secret ball and chainDR3 2-3 clown
DR3 2-3 clown handDR3 2-3 secret coin
1. Almost everything in the haunted house is lethal to touch. Do not touch the vampire, monster, hangman before disarm the dangers.


Chapter 2 Stage 3 | Doors and Rooms 3 — 24 Comments

  1. Thanks for this great site! I have a question about Chapter Two, stage Three that I’m going you can help me with. It’s about the racing arcade game. I’ve played it over and over and can’t seem to win. (I’m playing on my android touch-screen phone). I’ve tried hitting the buttons as fat as humanly possible, but the computer (the clown figurine) always beats me by a LARGE distance. What am I doing wrong?? I’ve tried alternating between L and R, as well as trying them alone– in all cases, I lose big time. Please help!!!

  2. Is there any way to beat the racing game without having to use 100 coins? I can’t seem to do it regardless of how fast I tap…

  3. I have the same problem as bridgett, i can’t fucking win the racing game in stage 3!!! It’s driving me crazy. Any pointers??

  4. Any tips on how to win the whac-a-mole game in stage 3? I can’t win it at all! Highest score I’ve got so far is 10. I know you need to avoid the purple moles.

  5. I beat the clown in the race the first time, just used LRLR etc and I’m not even quick. I am using iPad so maybe that helps. I’m stuck on the Whack a mole though so will have to use a life..

  6. I don’t know if this will help anyone but it seemed to finally work for me. I used my index and middle fingers on the same hand and alternated LRLR that way. The whack-a-mole, just keep at it.

  7. I’ve played all d and r until now. I love the graphics and challenges EXCEPT the whack a mole. I can’t get past it and don’t have enough to buy a pass .. .so,this has to be adios I have to leave the game. Keep it up guys.

  8. I can not do the control box at the start (◞‸◟;) i type it in right but it does not work. The biggest problem is that i can not use the trouble shooter because it does not let me .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

  9. I am too old (88) for wsc a mole. Was glad with doors&rooms because it challenged brains. not hands. But alas also here: promise free and then ask money for results.

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