DR3 2-4 map main

DR3 2-4 greek room

DR3 2-4 egyptian room

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Walkthrough Item Index
1. Hammer
2. Sand
3. Briefcase
4. Diamond
5. Hint
6. Extinguisher
7. Fire
8. Switch
9. Puzzle
10. Laser
11. Statue
12. Scorpio
13. Wall
14. Keypad
15. Pillars
16. Pyramid
17. Key
18. Bag
19. Sand
20. Replacement
21. Door


1. Hammer: Pick up hammer from the floor.
DR3 2-4 hammer
2. Sand: Collect a key from the sandbox.
DR3 2-4 sandbox
3. Briefcase: Use the key to open the briefcase. Get a bottle of powder.
DR3 2-4 keyDR3 2-4 briefcase
4. Diamond: Use the hammer to break the display glass. Grab the diamond from the bird statue.
DR3 2-4 use hammerDR3 2-4 get diamond
5. Hint: Use the powder on the wall scroll. Notice the hint revealed: a man and four numbers 2, 4, 3, 8.
DR3 2-4 bottleDR3 2-4 hidden hint

6. Extinguisher: Go to the Ancient Greek Room. Pick up the fire extinguisher at the corner of the room.
7. Fire: Put out the fire. Get a snake tile from where the fire was located.
DR3 2-4 fire extinquisherDR3 2-4 fire

DR3 2-4 snake tile
8. Switch: Dismantle the hammer. Insert the handle on the switch on the wall. Turn on the switch. Grab the handle.
DR3 2-4 dismantle hammerDR3 2-4 handle

DR3 2-4 insert handleDR3 2-4 get handle
9. Puzzle: Check out the number puzzle on the floor. Enter the password combination that you retrieve earlier from the wall scroll: 4-2-8-3 as shown in the image below.
DR3 2-4 hidden password
10. Laser: Locate a second switch. Flip the switch to disable the laser.
DR3 2-4 laser
11. Statue: Use the diamond on the display glass. Combine the hammer head and handle. Use the hammer on the glass. Get a bird-head pillar. The door to the Egyptian room will unlock.
DR3 2-4 use diamondDR3 2-4 glass

DR3 2-4 combine hammerDR3 2-4 use hammer bird pillar

DR3 2-4 glass hammerDR3 2-4 get pillar

DR3 2-4 greek room exit
12. Scorpio: Go to the Egyptian room. Check out the scorpion trapdoor on the floor. Lift the cover. A scorpion is guarding two tiles. Grab the tiles when the scorpion is away from the tiles. Do not touch the scorpion.
DR3 2-4 scorpionDR3 2-4 tiles
13. Wall: Check out the wall engraving. Notice the sequence order: vulture, vase with handle, worship man, ibis bird, sitting man, man holding a staff, eye, snake, vase.
DR3 2-4 sequence
14. Keypad: Insert tiles. Enter password sequence from the wall. Retrieve a dog head pillar.
DR3 2-4 insert tilesDR3 2-4 cat pillar
15. Pillars: Insert pillars. Notice the lines on each pillar. From the bottom up, the lines appear in the order of snake, dog, snake, bull, bird, bull, snake, cat, dog, bird.
DR3 2-4 line hint
16. Pyramid: Locate keypad on the pyramid. Enter the pillar line sequence: snake, dog, snake, bull, bird, bull, snake, cat, dog, bird.
DR3 2-4 pillar puzzle
17. Key: Get the key from the podium.
DR3 2-4 get door key
18. Bag: Pick up a bag on the floor.
DR3 2-4 bag
19. Sand: Open and grab sand from a sarcophagus.
DR3 2-4 sand
20. Replacement: Go back to the Ancient Greek room. Combine sand and bag. Place the bag on the statue. The door to the main room is unlocked.
DR3 2-4 combine bagDR3 2-4 use bag

DR3 2-4 bag on statueDR3 2-4 back to main room
21. Door: Go back to the main room. Use the key on the door. You have escaped!
DR3 2-4 use door keyDR3 2-4 exit
1. Don’t get burn by the fire.
2. Disable the laser before touching the display window on the Greek room.
3. The scorpion will bite. Be fast!


Chapter 2 Stage 4 | Doors and Rooms 3 — 10 Comments

  1. There is an error in this game. The secret item found on stage 3 disappears when going into this stage 4. I’ve played it many times and the secret item just disappears after leaving stage 3. Has this happened to anybody else?

  2. U put secret coin into blue box by door in the 2nd room. Don’t place sandbag in statues hands because it locks the door to 2nd room. When u put coin on blue symbol on blue box it opens door to level 5 near the statues that showed snake bird dog and cat. Exit there

  3. Stage 5 still “coming soon”!
    A) spelling mistake – should say “coming soon”
    B) when will you fix this and open next stage?

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