Chapter 2 Stage 5 Walkthrough Map:
DR3 2-5 map main

DR3 2-5 map second room

DR3 2-5 map third room

Walkthrough Item Index
1. Syringe
2. Shovel
3. Rag
4. Cleaner
5. Box
6. Valve
7. Coal
8. Monitor
9. Keycard
10. Keypad
11. Toolbox
12. Cable
13. Battery
14. Cabinet
15. Furnace
16. Controller
17. Bolts
18. Fluid
19. Charging
20. Operation
21. Exit
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Chapter 2 Stage 5 Walkthrough
1. Syringe: Open desk drawer. Take a syringe.
2. Shovel: Grab shovel by the bridge.
3. Rag: Take a rag by the handrail.
4. Cleaner: Go to second room. Get a bottle of cleaner from the desk.
5. Box: Open box in the corner. Take a valve handle.
6. Valve: Go back to the main room. Go to the machine against the left wall. Insert valve handle. Turn the handle until the “on” button turn green. Tap on the green button.
DR3 2-5 valve handleDR3 2-5 insert handle

DR3 2-5 turn handle
7. Coal: A pile of coal is dumped on the floor. Get a dirty keycard. Use the shovel to get a scoop of coal.
DR3 2-5 coalDR3 2-5 shovel
8. Monitor: Check out a monitor on the screen. Observe different shapes from Big to Small: Square > Circle > Hexagon > Overlap Circles > Star.
DR3 2-5 monitor
9. Keycard: Go to second room. Locate a machine on the left. Combine cleaner and rag. Use the rag to clean the dirty keycard. Use the keycard on the machine. Turn off the power first and then remove to obtain two batteries.
DR3 2-5 cleanerDR3 2-5 towel

DR3 2-5 keycardDR3 2-5 use keycard

DR3 2-5 machine offDR3 2-5 get batteries
10. Keypad: Locate keypad. Turn off the power. Insert battery with power (The battery bar is shown blue). Turn on the power. Recall hint on the monitor from Step 8. Enter passcode sequence:

Square > Circle > Hexagon > Overlap Circles > Star.

The door is unlocked. Enter third room.
DR3 2-5 keypad offDR3 2-5 use battery

DR3 2-5 keypad onDR3 2-5 keypad passcode

DR3 2-5 third room
11. Toolbox: Open toolbox. Get a wrench.
12. Cable: Open box. Get a cable.
13. Battery: From the trash pile. Take another battery.
14. Cabinet: Retrieve a battery from the wall mounted cabinet.
15. Furnace: Locate a furnace. Turn the switches and open the door. Be fast. Put the coal in the furnace. A orange fluid will fill the tank.
DR3 2-5 furnaceDR3 2-5 use coal

DR3 2-5 fire
16. Controller: Check out the monitor on a controller. Three arrows on three bolts are pointing to bottom-left, right, bottom-right.
DR3 2-5 hint
17. Bolts: Go back to main room. Locate three pipes. Use the wrench to change the direction of the arrows on the right sized pipe.

The sequence is as followed:
First Pipe (Small): right
Second Pipe (Medium): bottom-right
Third Pipe (Big): bottom-left
DR3 2-5 wrenchDR3 2-5 pipes
18. Fluid: Go back to the controller in third room. Push the green ON button. The orange fluid will turn blue. Fill the syringe with the fluid.
DR3 2-5 green ONDR3 2-5 syringe

DR3 2-5 fluid
19. Charging: Go back to main room. Locate a charging station. Insert cable. Charge the first battery. Combine syringe and empty battery. Charge the second battery.
DR3 2-5 cableDR3 2-5 outlet

DR3 2-5 empty batteryDR3 2-5 insert battery

DR3 2-5 chargeDR3 2-5 charged

DR3 2-5 fill batteryDR3 2-5 pick battery

DR3 2-5 charge 2ndDR3 2-5 2nd charged
20. Operation: Go back to machine where the keycard was used. Insert all three batteries. Turn on the machine.
DR3 2-5 machine emptyDR3 2-5 insert 3 batteries

DR3 2-5 turn ON
21. Exit: Go back to main room. A capsule is released. Open and enter the capsule. You have completed stage 5.
DR3 2-5 escape


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