Stage 8 Walkthrough
DR3 2-8 map main

DR3 2-8 game room

Walkthrough Item Index
1. Cutter
2. Gun
3. Vacuum
4. Bullet
5. Robot
6. House
7. Armor
8. Drainage
9. Coin
10. Screen
11. Key
12. Teddy
13. Wand
14. Monster


1. Cutter: Grab the wire cutter on the floor.
2. Gun: Get the gun on the floor.
3. Vacuum: Open yellow box. Get a vacuum.
DR3 2-8 vacuum
4. Bullet: Open drawer. Obtain a bullet magazine.
5. Robot: Combine the gun and bullet magazine. Hit the robot with the gun. Open center compartment. Get a key.
DR3 2-8 gun bulletDR3 2-8 gun

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DR3 2-8 robot heart key
6. House: Use the key to unlock the toy house. Retrieve a screwdriver.
DR3 2-8 heart keyDR3 2-8 toy house
7. Armor: Use the screwdriver to loosen the screws on the cover under the armor. Cut the red wire with wire cutter. Enter game room.
DR3 2-8 screwdriverDR3 2-8 unscrew

DR3 2-8 wire cutterDR3 2-8 cut wire
8. Drainage: Locate a drainage cover. Use the vacuum to retrieve a coin.
DR3 2-8 use vacuumDR3 2-8 get coin
9. Coin: Use the coin on the toy machine. Turn the knob. Get a toy ball.
DR3 2-8 coinDR3 2-8 use coin

DR3 2-8 get toy ball
10. Screen: Notice the TV screen flashing numbers: 4-1-6-2-3-5.
DR3 2-8 tv
11. Key: Dismantle the toy ball and get a key. Insert the key in the keyhole. A toy crocodile will show up. Using the sequence from the TV screen 4-1-6-2-3-5, remove the crocodile’s teeth as shown in the image below. Retrieve a blue gemstone.
DR3 2-8 dismantle ballDR3 2-8 key

DR3 2-8 holeDR3 2-8 crocodile

DR3 2-8 blue gem
12. Teddy: Notice four shapes with dots on teddy bear’s belly: Diamond(2), Club(4), Spade(3), Heart(7). Put the blue gemstone on the crown. A keypad is revealed. Enter password: 4732. Take the wand.
DR3 2-8 use blue gemDR3 2-8 crown

DR3 2-8 shapesDR3 2-8 password

DR3 2-8 get wand
13. Wand: Dismantle the wand. Put the red ball on the robot in this room. Grab the ID card.
DR3 2-8 insert ball
14. Monster: Go back to the main room. Use the ID card on the control pad. Place the handle on the switch and pull the switch. The purple monster is lifted. Exit the stage and escape.
DR3 2-8 keypadDR3 2-8 id card

DR3 2-8 use id cardDR3 2-8 handle

DR3 2-8 switchDR3 2-8 escape

1. Do not attempt to open the blue door. The knight will hit you with its sword.
2. Do not touch the purple monster. It will attack you.
3. Beware of the crocodile mouth. Do not put your hand in its mouth before removing the teeth.
4. Try taking the wand from the teddy bear is not as safe as it looks.


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