DR3 1-3 Map

DR3 1-3 Map Office

DR3 1-3 Map basement

Walkthrough Item Index
1. Wrench
2. WD-39
3. License Plate
4. Office
5. Gas Suction Pump
6. Remote Control
7. Car
8. Battery
9. Locked Box
10. Lever Control Box
11. Lever Handle
12. Gas Can
13. Puzzle
14. Jumper Cable
15. Gas
16. Sewage
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Secret Object

1. Wrench: Grab wrench on the working table.
DR3 1-3 wrench
2. WD-39: Grab WD-39 from the top of the shelf.
DR3 1-3 WD-39
3. License Plate: Clean the car license plate with WD-39. Get password: 4885.
DR3 1-3 Use WD-39DR3 1-3 license Plate
4. Office: Locate office door keypad. Enter password: 4885. Enter office.
DR3 1-3 office keypadDR3 1-3 enter office
5. Gas Suction Pump: Retrieve a gas suction pump from Locker B.
DR3 1-3 pump
6. Remote Control: The remote control is protected by four spinning sharp blades. Observe the blade moving pattern. Once all the blades are moved away from the remote control. Grab the remote control.
DR3 1-3 remote control puzzle
7. Car: Use the remote control to unlock the car door. Enter the car. Open compartment on the left and get a red key. Press on the car hood release button.
DR3 1-3 remote controlDR3 1-3 car

DR3 1-3 key and hood
8. Battery: Check under the hood. Use the wrench to remove the car battery.
DR3 1-3 Use wrenchDR3 1-3 Batter
9. Locked Box: Go back to the office and use the red key to unlock a locked box with an image of a gear on the top. Retrieve a gear.
DR3 1-3 locked gearDR3 1-3 red gear key

DR3 1-3 get gear

10. Lever Control Box: Insert gear into the lever control box.
DR3 1-3 use gearDR3 1-3 lever control box
11. Lever Handle: Pull the lever handle which will lift the basement door. Go down to the basement. You have uncovered a secret tunnel.
DR3 1-3 basement handleDR3 1-3 basement door
12. Gas Can: Pick up an gas can.
DR3 1-3 gas can
13. Puzzle: Solve the puzzle next to the stairway. There are four buttons and each labels with a number: 3425. Starting from the right. Press the button for five seconds then release. A solid green light will appear. Do the same thing for all the buttons. The compartment will open. Grab the key with letter A.
DR3 1-3 number puzzle
14. Jumper Cable: Go back to the office. Use the key to unlock Locker A. Retrieve a jumper cable.
DR3 1-3 locker a keyDR3 1-3 jump cable
15. Gas: Combine gas suction pump and gas can. Use the pump to get the gas out of the car gas tank. Keep tapping on the pump until the can is filled to the top.
DR3 1-3 combine pump and canDR3 1-3 gas can and pump

DR3 1-3 pump gas
16. Sewage: Combine cable and car battery. Place the cable in the water to electrocute the fish. Grab the water bottle. Dismantle the water bottle. Obtain a key.
DR3 1-3 combine battery and cableDR3 1-3 battery with cable

DR3 1-3 water bottleDR3 1-3 dismantle bottle
17. Rail Cart: Fill up the rail car using gas can. Place the key in the ignition. Pull the cart handle. You have escaped!
DR3 1-3 use gas canDR3 1-3 cart key
DR3 1-3 fill gasDR3 1-3 escape
Secret Object:
S1. A secret object is located in this stage. Before leaving this stage, grab the gear from the lever control box.
DR3 1-3 reuse gear
S2. Use the remote control to open compartment with the letter R on the rail cart. Insert gear. Pull the cart handle. The cart will go in reverse and take you to a cave.
DR3 1-3 reuse remote controlDR3 1-3 reverse gear
S3. Open the chest box and retrieve the secret object: secret valve handle.
DR3 1-3 secret object
S4. To go back to the basement, remove the gear from compartment and pull the handle.
DR3 1-3 remove gear
1. Be careful of the spinning blades in the office.
2. Be careful of the fish in the sewage. It bites!


Chapter 1 Stage 3 | Doors and Rooms 3 — 39 Comments

  1. why when i open the chest there was nothing 🙁 I can’t open the secret door. I’m stucking at this stage. Is there anyone who could help me ?

  2. When I opened the secret chest there was nothing inside. SO i’m stuck right now and I can’t open the secret door for the next stage. Is there anyone who could help me through this 🙁 ?

    • there is nothing in the chest ….. u have to use the gear for the second time to unlock the secrect . these instructions are real helpful… follow them correctly and you wont get stuck

      have a nice day

  3. Click the lever on the street car once you get back to the basement from the cave and it leaves the basement and clears the level.

  4. My guess is that you have to start playing chapter two games in hope to find something to get through the secret door in chapter one. Could be wrong cuz im just trying it now but its the only thing i can think of right now.

  5. Stick the secret “pretzel” on the wall next to the lowest steps in the cellar. The secret door will open at the bottom right of the cellar.

  6. I can’t get hold of the remote control. I wait until the blades have gone, but when I tap the remote, I lose a life. I’ve just lost ten lives in a row. When I previously did this level, it was fine (I forgot the secret item). Any ideas?

    • I picked up the spray can but did not use it to spray the license plate. I entered the code 4885 to open the door and used the spray can on the car opener rather than trying to pick it up with the hand

  7. The game won’t let me pick up the remote control. I wait until all the blades have moved away, but when I click on the remote I lose a life. It was fine the last time I played the level, but I failed to open one of the doors so I have to do it again. I’ve just lost 15 lives in a row trying to pick the stupid thing up. Any ideas?

    • Regardless of whatever you are holding, picking op things is the same action with or without an object in your items screen or just the backpack..
      To grab the remote, wait until the four wheels are together before grabbing. There’s a slight delay in all the screens!

  8. I can’t go through the puzzle near the stairway. It gets struck for every button I click. Totally frustrating! Only god can pass through this level !

    • Hold buttons down 1 second longer for each then let go straight away. Light turns green, if it doesn’t change to green you didn’t hold it down long enough.

  9. I can’t find the secret pretzel could anyone help please or just let me know what stage u find it in please as i have done all other levels in chapter 1 but cany unlock 7 🙁

  10. Still can’t open stage 7. Repeat stage 1-3 twice, but the pretzel won’t do anything to that itsy bitsy carved wall next to the lower step.

    So now what? Got all 3 secret items btw. Thx

  11. This f#*!ing button riddle doesn’t work! The first button,ok and then ?? It doesn’t matter how long I hold this fu#*$!ing button, it do NOT work! What can I do? Watch Spots for Gold (I need 100 to automatic solve the riddle) or pay real money… but, nope I deinstall…

  12. Found stage seven prezle thingie. Combine blue diamond with trigger pennin stage five then point to mirror with blue flashing light in second floornof stage five. That opens a compartment

  13. The secret item to open the door is found in stage 5 by putting blue jewel from dragon’s eye into the pen and flashing it at the mirror in the upstairs room. Use it in stage 3 to ynlock secret exit 🙂

  14. I can’t access level 3, completed levels 1,2 & 6 but still all the remaining levels are locked. How can I unlock them?

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