Room Map
DR3 1-8 Map Security room

DR3 1-8 Map safe

DR3 1-8 map vault

Walkthrough Item Index
Trap Warning
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1. Brush
2. Powder
3. Key A
4. Fingerprint
5. Keypad
6. Trashcan
7. Vault Door
8. Drill Bit
9. Key B
10. Wall Photograph
11. Coolant
12. Switch Lever
13. Safe Deposit Box A
14. Safe Deposit Box B
15. Safe Deposit Box AB
16. Pinhole Camera
17. Laser Beam
18. Vault
19. Front Door


1. Brush: Open desk drawer. Get a brush.
DR3 1-8 desk drawer
2. Powder: Locate a flower pot. Get some powder.
DR3 1-8 powder
3. Key A: Grab the Key A on top of safe box.
4. Fingerprint: Get a piece of tape. Combine powder and brush. Use powdered brush on the fingerprint on glass cup. The fingerprint is dusted. Use the tape to lift the fingerprint.
DR3 1-8 tapeDR3 1-8 combine brush and powder

DR3 1-8 brush with powderDR3 1-8 use tape

DR3 1-8 lift fingerprint
5. Keypad: Use fingerprint tape on the safe room keypad. Enter safe room.
DR3 1-8 use fingerprintDR3 1-8 fingerprint keypad

DR3 1-8 keypad green lightDR3 1-8 enter safe room
6. Trashcan: Open trashcan lid. Pick up a paper with clues.
DR3 1-8 trashcanDR3 1-8 clue
7. Vault Door: The vault door is locked. Solve the puzzle on the keypad. Enter vault room.
Puzzle Solution (Counting from left to right):
Press third down arrow once
Press first down arrow twice
Press second up arrow once
Press fifth down arrow once
Press first up arrow once
DR3 1-8 vault roomDR3 1-8 puzzle solved
8. Drill Bit: Get drill bit from left cabinet.
DR3 1-8 get drill bit
9. Key B: Grab the Key B from the right cabinet.
DR3 1-8 get key B
10. Wall Photographs: Go back to the security room. Check out the photographs on the wall. Align each photograph according to the clues on the paper from trashcan.
DR3 1-8 wall puzzle clueDR3 1-8 wall photo puzzle
11. Coolant: Go to the safe room. Get the coolant from the wall.
DR3 1-8 coolant

12. Switch Lever: Use the coolant on the switch lever. Then pull the chilled lever. You have turned off the laser beams.
DR3 1-8 use coolantDR3 1-8 use coolant

DR3 1-8 chilled lever switchDR3 1-8 pull lever switch
13. Safe Deposit Box A: Locate safe deposit box labeled with letter A. Use Key A to open the safe. Get a drill.
DR3 1-8 use key ADR3 1-8 get a drill
14. Safe Deposit Box B: Use Key B to unlock the safe deposit box B. Grab a saw blade.
DR3 1-8 use key bDR3 1-8 get saw blade
15. Safe Deposit Box AB: Combine Key A and Key B. Unlock safe deposit box AB. Retrieve a handle.
DR3 1-8 combine key ABDR3 1-8 Use key AB

DR3 1-8 get handle
16. Pinhole Camera: Combine drill and saw blade. Use the drill on the safe box in the security room. Get a pinhole camera.
DR3 1-8 combine blade and drillDR3 1-8 drill with blade

DR3 1-8 safeDR3 1-8 get pinhole camera
17. Laser Beam: Insert handle into the switch. Pull the handle. You have turn off the laser beam to the vault.
DR3 1-8 use handleDR3 1-8 insert handle

DR3 1-8 pull vault handle
18. Vault: Dismantle the blade and drill. Combine drill bit and drill. Use the drill to make a hole on the vault lock pad. Place pinhole camera in the hole. Align the pins inside the lock. Unlock the vault. Get the door key.
DR3 1-8 laser offDR3 1-8 dismantle drill

DR3 1-8 use drill bitDR3 1-8 drill with bit

DR3 1-8 drill the vaultDR3 1-8 use pinhole camera

DR3 1-8 vault with a holeDR3 1-8 insert camera

DR3 1-8 lock pin alignedDR3 1-8 green vault

DR3 1-8 open safe
19. Door: Use the door key to unlock the front door. You have escaped!
DR3 1-8 door keyDR3 1-8 use door key

DR3 1-8 escaped
Secret Item:
S1. Before leaving the stage, go to the safe room. Locate a box with Secret symbol. Use the secret door key to unlock the door. Enter the passage. You have clear Stage 10.
DR3 1-8 secret doorDR3 1-8 secret door key

DR3 1-8 secret clear
Trap Warning:
1. Do not touch the laser beams in the safe room and vault room. You will get laser beamed.
2. Do not touch laser beam control switch lever. It is hot!


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