Chapter 2 Stage 6 Walkthrough Map:
DR3 2-6 map main

DR3 2-6 second room

DR3 2-6 third room

Walkthrough Item Index
1. Bag
2. Box
3. Table
4. Trunk
5. Gear
6. Shelf
7. Cabinet
8. Wire
9. Generator
10. USB
11. Pipe
12. Wire
13. Jar
14. Racket
15. Net
16. Firefly
17. Light
18. Door
Secret Item

Chapter 2 Stage 6 Walkthrough
1. Bag: Open locker. Grab a bag.
2. Box: Open box. Get a magnifying glass.
3. Table: Get a half of a gear on the table. Notice a post-it note with a red circle and the word “Look”. Look at the note with magnifying glass. Get combination
DR3 2-6 magnifying glassDR3 2-6 note

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DR3 2-6 combination
4. Trunk: Enter the combination from the post-it note. The combination is a set of five entries. Press the “o” part and tap on ENTER. Get a second half of a gear.
DR3 2-6 lock1DR3 2-6 lock2

DR3 2-6 lock3DR3 2-6 lock4

DR3 2-6 get gear
5. Gear: Assemble the gear. Insert gear between gears next to the door. Turn the valve handles counterclock-wise. Go to second room.
DR3 2-6 combine gearDR3 2-6 use gear

DR3 2-6 gearDR3 2-6 handle

DR3 2-6 enter second room
6. Shelf: Open box and get wire cutter from the bottom shelf.
7. Cabinet: Open cabinet on the wall and get a roll of tape.
8. Wire: Go back to main room. Use the wire cutter to cut the wire on a safe. Open and get a screwdriver blade.
DR3 2-6 wirecutterDR3 2-6 blade
9. Generator: Go back to second room. Locate a power generator. Check out the bag in the inventory. Dismantle the bag and get a screwdriver handle. Combine the blade and the handle. Remove the screws one by one, then remove the covers. Use the tape to repair the red wire. Get hint: 2413.

Follow the wires and change the end number at the bottom to the numbers that you begin with on the top. Get numbers: 3214. Press the ON button.
DR3 2-6 sackDR3 2-6 combine screwdriver

DR3 2-6 use screwdriverDR3 2-6 screws

DR3 2-6 coversDR3 2-6 fix tape

DR3 2-6 circuits
10. USB: A secret compartment will open. Get the USB.
DR3 2-6 usb
11. Pipe: Go back to main room. Locate a monitor. Insert USB. A pipe-flow puzzle will appear. Tap on the pipe to change its orientation so the pipes are connected from top to bottom. The platform will lower.
DR3 2-6 use usbDR3 2-6 pipe puzzle
12. Wire: Use wire cutter to remove the drainage wire. Go through the opening to the third room.
DR3 2-6 cut wireDR3 2-6 drainage
13. Jar: Open cabinet. Grab an empty jar.
14. Racket: Pick up the racket on the floor.
15. Net: Go back to second room. Use the racket to collect the spider web on the ceiling.
DR3 2-6 broken racket
16. Firefly: Use the racket to catch the fireflies on the ceiling.
DR3 2-6 use racket
17. Light: Go back to the third room. Locate the dark spot. Place the fireflies in the jar. Be really careful and put the jar in the bottom-left. A panel with moving spikes is revealed. Carefully and quickly push the square buttons when the buttons are cleared of the blades. Get the door key.
DR3 2-6 firefliesDR3 2-6 use jar

DR3 2-6 place jarDR3 2-6 spinning
18. Door: Use the key to unlocked the door. Exit stage 6.
DR3 2-6 door keyDR3 2-6 exit

Secret Item:
S1. Before leaving the stage, go back to the pipe-flow puzzle in the main room. Locate a code underneath the word SUCCESS: 25314.
DR3 2-6 secret hint
S2. Go back to the locker in the main room. Pull the hooks in the order of 25314. A secret compartment will open. Get the secret item: a battery.
DR3 2-6 hangersDR3 2-6 secret item

This secret item can be used to unlock stage 9 using the secret doorway in stage 5. Check out our Stage 9 Unlocking Guide for complete walkthrough.


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  1. You forgot to mention where to use the last secret item…. In case anyone wonders….In the room with the second poisonous pool, there’s a ladder underneath the glass plate. Smash it with the secret hammer, and you’ll unlock stage 10

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