Room Map
DR3 1-4 Map

DR3 1-4 Map room

Check the Warning section for areas where you might lose Heart.

1. Window
2. Pillow
3. Lamp
4. Light Bulb
5. Shelf
6. Painting
7. Cabinet
8. Electrical box
9. Shield Decor (Sword)
10. Round Table Puzzle
11. Door
12. Chest Box
13. Wall cabinet
14. Shield Decor (Ax)
15. Control Box
16. Drainage
17. Fan Switch
18. Escape

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1. Window (String): Open window and get a piece of string.
DR3 1-4 string
2. Pillow (Nut Driver): Look under pillow and retrieve a nut driver.
DR3 1-4 nut driver
3. Lamp (First Light bulb): Get the first light bulb from the lamp.
DR3 1-4 lamp
4. Floor (Second Light Bulb): Pick up the second light bulb from the floor.
DR3 1-4 lightbulb
5. Shelf (Broken Crest Piece): Grab the first half of round crest from the book shelf.
DR3 1-4 shelf
6. Painting (Broken Crest Piece): Tap on the painting several times until it fall off. Get the second half of the crest from the back of the painting once it falls to the floor.
DR3 1-4 painting
7. Cabinet (Gloves): Open cabinet. Get a pair of gloves.
DR3 1-4 gloves
8. Electrical box (Third Light Bulb): Use the screwdriver to unlock the cover. Open the box. Do not touch the wires and light bulb. Put on the gloves from the cabinets, then retrieve the third light bulb.
DR3 1-4 put on gloves

9. Round Crest and Shield Decor (Sword): Combine two round crest pieces. Insert the round chest. Turn the crest COUNTERCLOCKWISE until the sword eject from the top. Grab the sword.
DR3 1-4 combine crestDR3 1-4 crest

DR3 1-4 turn crestDR3 1-4 sword
10. Round Table Puzzle: Insert the sword into the round table. The tabletop will split open and reveal a puzzle device with a light bulb on it. Insert all three light bulbs that you have collected earlier into the empty slots. Push the ON button. Solve the puzzle based on the solution image below, you will have to press the buttons in a certain order. Check out our puzzle explanation if you want to understand how the logic works. Get the key from the unlocked compartment.

Puzzle explanation: Observe the blinking light bulbs. Basically you will need to note both the lightbulb and signal blinking sequence. The middle set of signals prompt the blinking order. For example, if the third signal turns on, then you have to press the third button, because third button light up in the blinking sequence.

Light bulb lighting sequence: 412343
Signal Matching sequence: 356124

Combine those two to look up the final Button Matching Answer: 243413
412343 (3)
412343 (5)
412343 (6)
412343 (1)
412343 (2)
412343 (4)

DR3 1-4 use swordDR3 1-4 round table

DR3 1-4 puzzle deviceDR3 1-4 door key
11. Door: Use the key to open the door. Enter an adjacent working room.
DR3 1-4 use keyDR3 1-4 enter room
12. Chest Box (Star Shaped Bit): Look inside the chest box on the table. Open the box in the center. Grab a star-shaped nut screw driver bit.
DR3 1-4 chest boxDR3 1-4 box

DR3 1-4 star nut driver bit
13. Wall cabinet (Crown): Dismantle nut driver you used earlier. Combine nut driver and star-shaped bit. Use the tool to loosen the star-shaped nuts and open the cover. Retrieve a crown piece.
DR3 1-4 dismantle driverDR3 1-4 combine star bit

DR3 1-4 use star nut drillDR3 1-4 remove star nuts
DR3 1-4 crown
14. Shield Decor (Ax): Insert crown piece into the shield on the wall from the first room. Grab the ax from the top.
DR3 1-4 use crownDR3 1-4 ax
15. Control Box (String Hook): Use the ax to break the chain on the control box. Grab the string hook on the back of the door.
DR3 1-4 use axDR3 1-4 chained

DR3 1-4 chain removedDR3 1-4 hook string
16. Drainage (Square Bit): Combine string hook and piece of string. Place the hook into the drainage. Retrieve a square-shaped nut driver bit.
DR3 1-4 combine hook stringsDR3 1-4 use hook

DR3 1-4 drainageDR3 1-4 dismantle square bit
17. Control Box (Fan Switch): Go back to the control box. Dismantle the nut driver. Combine nut driver and square bit. Use the tool to loosen the square nuts. Open the switch cover and turn off the giant fan.
DR3 1-4 dismantle star nut drillDR3 1-4 combine square nut drill

DR3 1-4 use square nut drillDR3 1-4 remove squar nuts

DR3 1-4 remove switch coverDR3 1-4 turn off
18. Escape: Leave the room via the now stopped air ventilation fan. You have escaped the stage!
DR3 1-4 escape
Secret Room:
S1. The door to a secret room is located in this stage. Before leaving this stage, use the secret valve handle that you obtained from Stage 3 to unlock the secret stage.
DR3 1-4 secret valve handleDR3 1-4 insert handle

DR3 1-4 unlock secret room
1. Be careful of the electrical box. Put on gloves before removing the light bulb.
2. Be careful of the puzzle device in the round table. The device is guarded with poison powders which will release if you pressed the wrong button.
3. Be careful of giant fan.


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