Unlocking Stage 6
In order to unlock stage 6, you have to go back to Stage 2 and use secret Door Key from Stage 1 to clear unlock the secret door.

Stage 6 Walkthrough
DR3 1-6 Map

DR3 1-6 Map storage

Walkthrough Item Index
Trap Warning

1. Mop
2. Cleaner
3. Floor
4. Painting
5. Drawer
6. Roll-Up Door
7. Saw
8. WD-40
9. Metal Bar
10. Vault
11. Safe Box
12. Door

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1. Mop: Grab mop.
DR3 1-6 Mop
2. Cleaner: Open cardboard box and get a bottle of floor cleaner.
DR3 1-6 cleaner
3. Floor: Combine mop and cleaner. Use the mop to clear the stain on the floor. Get a passcode consists of images: camera -> globe -> chat cloud -> phone -> camera -> phone.
DR3 1-6 mop and cleanerDR3 1-6 mop with cleaner

DR3 1-6 floorDR3 1-6 combination code
4. Painting: Check out the painting on the painting on the wall. Press on the buttons in the order as image passcode. Retrieve a drawer key.
DR3 1-6 painting puzzleDR3 1-6 drawer key
5. Drawer: Use the drawer key to unlock the bottom drawer. Pick up a battery.
DR3 1-6 use drawer keyDR3 1-6 battery
6. Roll-Up Door: Insert battery into the roll-up door controller. Enter the storage room.
DR3 1-6 use batteryDR3 1-6 controller

DR3 1-6 storage entrance
7. Saw: Grab the saw on the floor.
DR3 1-6 saw
8. WD-40: Pick up the WD-40 in the corner.
9. Metal Bar: Use the saw to remove a metal bar from the vent cover.
DR3 1-6 use sawDR3 1-6 vent
10. Vault: Clean the stains on the door with WD-40. Use the metal bar as the handle. Turn the handle counterclockwise until the light turn green. Open the door. Get a stethoscope.
DR3 1-6 WD40DR3 1-6 vault door

DR3 1-6 clean vault doorDR3 1-6 use handle

DR3 1-6 turn handleDR3 1-6 open door

DR3 1-6 Stethoscope
11. Safe Box: Place stethoscope on the safe box. Turn the lock slowly while listen for a clicking sound. Puzzle Solution:

Left (3), Button
Left (2), Button,
Right (5), Button,
Left (7), Button
Right (4), Button. Open the safe. Get the door key.
DR3 1-6 Use StethoscopeDR3 1-6 Safe box

DR3 1-6 room key
12. Door: Unlock the room door and you have escaped!
DR3 1-6 use room keyDR3 1-6 escaped

1. Be careful of the painting puzzle. If wrong button is pressed, the guillotine will cut you.
2. Do not touch the power switch in the storage room. You will get chopped.


Chapter 1 Stage 6 | Doors and Rooms 3 — 10 Comments

  1. If you put the wrench in the box below the wireless router, it will jam the jaws, then you can turn the router on. The tablet in the other room will show the left/right sequence for the safe.

  2. To get the wrench to drop from the ceiling in the 2nd room USE THE BROOM (w/handle) you’ll hear a noise, step back and
    pick up the wrench that’s now on the floor ; )

  3. To get the wrench USE THE MOP (w/handle) in 2nd room tap 1x on the vent after you’ll hear a noise
    Take a step back now SEE THE WRENCH and pick it up ; )

  4. MOP w/handle tap grate 2nd room ceiling 1x (hear sound) step back see wrench on floor for taking Cheers
    ps it’s maddening down road stage 6 “hidden item’ ” going need go back to stage 2 access secret room for stage 6 to be viable
    Round in round I’ve gone I know where secret item 2 goes (which is findable via stage 5 ? I believe it is) I know where it goes but
    so far it’s 1 foot nailed to floor repeating these said levels & steps ….for now anyway Missing a step somewhere but
    can’t go forward even if (we) wanted to (less ‘bonus’ scenes) bc can’t access future levels till you figure this 1st ‘2 secrets overlapping -ish, until it’s done correctly The fun is wearing off fast on this looping secret rooms/items dilemma “Arg”
    pressing on to only option=victory ! Having oodles of fun now, for sure
    pss why bother with wrench when, so far that it seems, not only do items (not secret) do not carry over, but the whole
    wrench step (which it will stay in the ‘modem’ square however, it’s NOT NEEDED really. Just an fyi Cheers

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