DR 3 Chapter 2 Stage 9 Walkthrough Map:
DR3 2-9 map main

DR3 2-9 map second

DR3 2-9 map third

Walkthrough Item Index
1. Box
2. Knife
3. Paper
4. Speaker
5. Key
6. Handcuff
7. Sensor
8. Cable
9. Battery
10. Xray
11. Cabinet
12. Skull
13. Generator
14. Monitor
15. Keypad
16. Ring
17. Hammer
18. Taser
19. Power
20. Plant
21. Canister
22. Sample
Secret Item

Chapter 2 Stage 9 Walkthrough
1. Box: Open box. Grab an arrow.
2. Knife: Grab knife on white board.
3. Paper: Take the paper on the table.
4. Speaker: Use the knife on the right speaker. Get a magnet.
5. Key: Place the magnet next to the key. Slide the magnet to the right. Retrieve the magnet with the key. Dismantle the magnet with key.
DR3 2-9 magnetDR3 2-9 key

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DR3 2-9 slide magnetDR3 2-9 dismantle magnet
6. Handcuff: Unlock handcuff using key. Open cabinet. Get a bow.
DR3 2-9 handcuff keyDR3 2-9 cabinet

DR3 2-9 bow
7. Sensor: Combine bow and arrow. Use the bow and arrow to break the sensor over the door. The red laser light is disabled. Enter second room.
DR3 2-9 bow and arrowDR3 2-9 use arrowDR3 2-9 sensorDR3 2-9 leave main
8. Cable: Open box. Take the cable.
9. Battery: Take the battery on top of the cart.
10. Xray: Pick up the xray on the floor.
11. Cabinet: Use the knife to break the lock the cabinet. Open cabinet door. Insert cable. Turn on the switch.
DR3 2-9 knife useDR3 2-9 cabinet lock

DR3 2-9 cableDR3 2-9 insert cable

DR3 2-9 cabinet on
12. Skull: Locate light table. Place the xray on the table. Turn on the switch. Notice the head is looking: right, left, up, down.
DR3 2-9 xrayDR3 2-9 xray on

DR3 2-9 skull direction
13. Generator: Tap on the arrows: right, left, up, down. Repeatedly until the unit is completed charged.
DR3 2-9 generator power
14. Monitor: The monitor is turned on. Check out the paper in the bag. Combine two sets of dots. Get password: 36728.
DR3 2-9 noteDR3 2-9 dots

DR3 2-9 keypad

15. Keypad: Enter password: 36728. Enter the third room.
DR3 2-9 leave second
16. Ring: Open drawer. Get a diamond ring.
17. Hammer: Pick up hammer from the floor.
18. Taser: Open box. Get a taser gun. Combine taser gun and battery in your bag.
DR3 2-9 battery
19. Power: Use the taser gun on the root over the handle. Pull the switch revealing a plant.
DR3 2-9 taserDR3 2-9 switch
20. Plant: Dismantle diamond ring. Combine hammer and diamond. Use the hammer on the glass. Use the knife to remove the plant.
DR3 2-9 ringDR3 2-9 diamond

DR3 2-9 hammerDR3 2-9 glass

DR3 2-9 knifeDR3 2-9 sample
21. Canister: Go back to second room. Use the taser gun on the root. Get a canister.
DR3 2-9 taser canisterDR3 2-9 root
22. Sample: Combine canister and plant. Open the slot. Insert sample. Do trial-and-error on the keypad. Triangle means the number is part of the combination, but in the wrong place. X-mark means the number is not part of the combination. Circle means the number is part of the combination and right place.

Enter password: 6519.

The door is unlocked. Exit stage 9.
DR3 2-9 sample combineDR3 2-9 use sample

DR3 2-9 open slotDR3 2-9 insert sample

DR3 2-9 passwordDR3 2-9 door

Secret Item:
S1: Before leaving the stage, go back to first room. Use the taser gun on a moving root. Use the hammer to break the glass. Retrieve a secret item: Secret Hammer.
DR3 2-9 taser hammerDR3 2-9 secret item

DR3 2-9 get secretDR3 2-9 grab hammer

DR3 2-9 secret hammer
Go to stage 6. You will be able to unlock stage 10 with this secret hammer.


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