How to Unlock Stage 7:

Are you stuck and do not know how to get to Stage 7? Follow the below steps to unlock the path to Stage 7.
DR3 2-7 secret map

Note: Secret Item – Secret blue key can be found in stage 1.
S1. Go to Chapter 2 Stage 2. Open drawer and get a pair of scissors.
DR3 2-7 drawer
S2. Go over to the balcony. Use the the scissors to clear the vines. Remove the square piece revealing a secret keyhole. Insert secret blue key. A ladder will dispense. You have unlock Stage 7!
DR3 2-7 scissorsDR3 2-7 cut vine

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DR3 2-7 remove squareDR3 2-7 keyhole

DR3 2-7 secret keyDR3 2-7 insert key

DR3 2-7 ladder

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